MTV Choose Talent Management Model Julia For Their Safe Sex Campaign

Female Model Julia Tells Talent Management  About Her Assignment With MTV
Female Model Julia Tells Talent Management About Her Assignment With MTV

Our female model Julia was asked to go to a casting for MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation ‘Someone Like Me’ – a global awareness campaign for young people to start practicing safe sex, ideally for a global change of mentalities.  charitable campaign to create awareness for HIV and promote safe sex last week.

They were looking for female and male models that could speak speak native Russian, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Julia speaks Russian and was successful, alongside eleven other Talent Management models, and completed her video-shoot with MTV in London yesterday. We caught up with Julia to find out how she got on at her first Talent Management modelling assignment…

“Being a model for the day was really fun. I was really nervous beforehand, but when I was on set my nerves went away and everything was ok. I would absolutely love to do it again and would suggest others to give it a go. I think modelling gives you a lot of self confidence and it’s also a lot of fun as you get to meet lots of new people.

“The MTV assignment was to promote sex awareness and involved us sharing sex stories and experiences in order to encourage people to be more open about sex and talk about it.

“The best part of the assignment was listening to other people’s stories and embarrassing moments and really connecting with them about what they’ve been through. We actually found out we all had quite a lot in common.

“I learnt to be more focused and take direction better on this job which has given me a real confidence boost. I think doing a project or a campaign like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I think everybody should get the chance to have this experience.

“I believe every person is unique and I think the talent industry really emphasises your individuality and personality, so I think joining and pursuing work in the talent industry is a must. I personally really really want to be a TV presenter and I am very ambitious and passionate about it, so Talent Management is my stepping stone to my future career.”

We think Julia did a fantastic job with a slightly tricky subject matter! – would you be able to talk about your sex life openly for a modelling assignment?

If you think Julia’s assignment sounds like fun and you would like to be considered for jobs like this then you can apply via our website. Alternatively if you are a client with a shoot coming up and you would like to book Julia or another one of our female models you can booking team on 0844 334 0000, or fill in a model request form at

MTV Staying Alive Foundation
MTV Staying Alive Foundation