Qualities Of A Top Model

At Models Direct we have been working with talent for lots of years and have a good understanding of what qualities are helpful to have as a model – here are a few to help you out:

A ‘thick skin’. You must be able to handle the rejection that every model faces, while still putting yourself forward whenever there’s a chance of getting the job. You can’t expect to meet the expectations of every client. Try to think, ‘It’s good if I get the job, but if they don’t want my look I won’t feel bad about it’.

Stamina. A model needs to be fit and healthy so they can work all day and still look good at the end of it. Maintain a healthy diet and work out at least three times a week. If you can’t afford a gym, walking and running are great exercises that anyone can do. If you’re too busy to exercise, build exercise into your daily routine by walking to work or to the shops.

Independence. Professional models may have to travel often, so you need an independent spirit and a self-starting attitude. You’ll need to get yourself up in the morning and make sure you arrive at the job on time and ready to perform. You also need to be comfortable if you need to be by yourself for long periods.

Organisation. You need to be well organised in order to keep track of the dates, times and locations of your castings and appointments. Keep a paper diary with you or use one of the many online tools available to enter and edit your appointments. Keep all your papers in a single safe and secure location.

Willpower. Working models can’t afford to indulge in drink, drugs or partying. You must have the will power to say NO. An agency will drop a model very quickly if it becomes clear that his or her lifestyle could affect her work – or the agency’s reputation.

The Talent industry is very competitive – if it’s something you’re thinking about getting into make sure you have you the right qualities to succeed!

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Day In The Life Of A Booking Agent with Models Direct

Every day at Models Direct our lovely team of Booking Agents are communicating and building relationships with clients across the UK and beyond!

Modelling is an incredibly competitive industry, with lots of different agents all competing to get their models/talent noticed and seen by influential people, production companies, advertising agencies and casting directors – this is no easy job!

Models Direct have successfully been doing this for around 27 years now and continue to work hard in making new contacts in the industry, sourcing the perfect talent and understanding client briefs.

The Assignments team receive new enquiries daily from companies across the UK looking for a particular look or talent for their latest campaign, photo-shoot or promotion, it’s then up to the team here to search for the models who would fit this brief.

Once a search has been created of potential models this is then presented to the client for them to view and make a short list from.  The Booker at Models Direct will then contact the models shortlisted and check availability and discover whether it’s and assignment they would be interested in doing – the client then makes a final selection from the models who have said ‘YES’ they would be be interested.

Contacting the selected models is always a nice part of the job, you can hear their excitement and enthusiasm for the project, it’s now up to the booker to brief them and make sure they are fully prepared for the up coming assignment – how exciting!!

Being a Booking Agent comes with it’s frustrations and in the modelling/entertainment industry things can change very quickly, so our booking agents are thick skinned and determined people!




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Taking on a new role with Models Direct

The requirements for Advertising Modelling are very similar to Commercial Modelling, there are no strict requirements on size and height, it’s more to do with confidence and overall look!

Mostly you have to meet the requirements and criteria set by the client which usually means you will have to represent an idealised look of their target market. The client will be looking for a model who represents their product/service and their consumer can relate to. Models Direct represent a variety of people with different looks, sizes and abilities.

Models are needed to promote all kinds of products including food, holidays, cars, furniture, lifestyle, shops and hotels.

Below is a video of our model Mark in an Advertising Commercial for Mr Lee’s Noodles:

Advertising Modelling comes in many different forms from TV, newspapers, magazine and billboard adverts. Skills in acting might set you apart from the rest, as well as an outgoing personality and strong self presentation skills. Confidence is a trait a client will be looking for to, often you will be posing or acting in a different role, so the ability to adapt quickly is key!

There is a big demand in advertising modelling and it is where the majority of the modelling jobs come from. The Assignments team at Models Direct are speaking everyday with clients in the Advertising industry who are looking to source models.

See for yourself, everywhere you look people are being used in adverts. Next time you read a newspaper or magazine take a look at just how many everyday men, women and children are being selected.

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Helping Yourself with Talent Management

Getting yourself out there!

Even though you may have secured representation with Models Direct, Talent Management, there is still a lot you can do to build your network and increase your exposure in your modelling career.  An agency is obviously there to promote you to clients using the contacts they have and finding new ones, but self promotion plays a big part in a models/actors/singers success also.
You don’t have to travel far to find opportunities to get your modelling career started and boost your confidence in front of the camera. Their are opportunities available to you all the time, you just have to be looking for them and be determined to make the best of the opportunities you find.
  • Contact local advertising agencies and photographers to find out if they would be interested in seeing your look. If they are, pass the details on to us – your modelling agent will make contact and try to arrange a casting.
  • Introduce yourself to the fashion editor of your local paper. See if she/he has any modelling shoots coming up where models are needed and explain how you would love to be featured. There may be no fee but it is great experience for your modelling career, giving you some professional photographs and a brilliant start to your e-Portfolio and CV!
  • Introduce yourself to the managers of local charity shops, fashion boutiques and bridal or hire companies as a new model looking to gain further experience and see if they are will use you in their next fashion show. Again, there may be no fee involved, but it will give you a wealth of experience as a stepping stone in your modelling career. If it is a paid assignment, contact Models Direct to ensure that you get the best fee possible.
  • Build contacts with people locally to you who organise fashion shows, or local events that may require models. This may not be your end dream, but everyone has to start somewhere!

It is important to remember that the talent industry is incredibly competitive, whether you aspire to model, dance, sing or act, it takes great determination and persistence to succeed, no one will do it for you and your big break will not come knocking on your door one day, so stay focused and never give up!

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Aiming for the Stars with Talent Management!

People may well have commented you have a ‘Star’ quality and you dream of being famous – well this is all possible with an agent and pure determination from you!

To achieve this you may have to start smaller than your dreams, but everyone who is famous has had to start somewhere, so who knows where you dreams may take you.

Whatever talent you have, whether you love singing, long to be a dancer or aspire to be an actor then take the plunge and follow your dreams with Talent Management by your side.

Our experience and expertise can help with matching performers to clients through the many number of industry contacts we have built up over nearly 20 years in the business. Whilst there is no magic formula on how to be a star, believing in yourself is a must and a helping hand goes a long way.  Talent Management can give advice and guidance every step of the way.

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Modelling Work with Talent Management


What type of work can I expect when signed by a commercial modelling/talent agency like Talent Management/Models Direct?

In the commercial modelling industry there are several different types of work you could be considered for.  At Talent Management we represent models with lots of other talents too, so can provide models to a varied selection of clients across the UK for lots of different types of work.

Below are some of the areas of the modelling industry we supply models to and the clients we have worked with:

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Talent Management’s Top Tips for Baby Modelling

Are you convinced your baby has modelling potential?

It can be a fun way to fill the first year and spend time with your new-born.

Agencies are always looking for newborns as they have a short modelling span, they are always on the look out for the next fresh face!

At Talent Management we often see parents applying for their babies when they are around 6 months old as they have started to develop a personality and the parents are feeling more comfortable about taking on new challenges with their baby. They are also able to sit around this age and respond to people, which works well for photo-shoots and filming!

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Talent Management’s child models star in new period feature film

When signing your child up with a talent agency like Talent Management with Models Direct it’s every parents dream to hear their child has been successfully selected to star in a large feature film that will be shown in cinemas nationwide!  That’s just the call our Assignments Manager, Molly had to make to 8 parents of our selected child models!

The production company were also wanting 20-30 adult extras for the film, they would be acting as ship passengers as the film was set in the 1920’s. They requested a mixture of age, looks and ethnicity and the filming was to take place in Southampton – the team at Models Direct set to work on sourcing the right people straight away!

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The assignments team at Talent Management spend their days speaking to clients, new and regular, understanding their model requirements for their next photo-shoot, commercial, campaign or promotional event – it’s essential our booking agents have a good relationship with the clients we work with so they can ensure they introduce the client to the talent they need!

Sometimes this process can be lengthy, due to the client’s brief or contacting multiple models who may have been shortlisted for the job and we need to know their availability. The nature of the industry is fast, so generally there is not alot of time to find the perfect person for the assignment in question, so our bookers at Talent Management work quickly and often under pressure!!

Being a Booking Agent is very exciting and it is so pleasing when you have matched the perfect model(s) to client, equaling happy models and happy clients!

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Breaking into the Talent Industry…..

The Talent and Modelling industry can be a tricky world to break into, you have a talent, but how do you get seen?? The best way to get yourself noticed by clients is to have an agent to promote you, at Talent Management we have a variety of talented artists on our books, from singers, dancers, actors, voice overs and musicians, all very gifted and incredibly determined to succeed in the industry!

It’s always useful to hear other peoples experiences of the industry and their thoughts on being represented by Talent Management, check out this video of one of our models Lucy Scarfe who has successfully secured several acting and modelling roles through Talent management!!

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