5 Awesome Perks of Being a Fashion Model

In order to be a successful model you need to have an extrovert personality as well as a ‘look’ that is either classic or which is a good fit with current fashion trends. It is a combination of these two factors which are likely to determine the success, or not, of turning modeling jobs into a modelling career. There are many reasons why people choose a career as a model and work with modelling agencies like Talent Management, but here we consider five of the major perks associated with this challenging but hugely rewarding career.

Meeting the rich and famous

One of the benefits of being a model is that it provides the opportunity to meet people you would not ordinarily get to meet. As well as meeting those who can be influential in a modelling career such as fashion designers, magazine and newspaper editors and photographers, modelling can also ‘open doors’ and enable models to meet actors (like Emma Watson), producers, business people and even royalty. If a model is successful, he or she may find themselves invited to parties and gatherings where they can mingle with the rich and famous. For some of those who decide to enter into modelling, this is a major motivating factor.

Travel in modeling jobs

For many models, one of the great things about the work is the fact that there can be a great deal of travelling. Whether this is travelling at home or abroad, the opportunities are endless. For successful catwalk models, overseas travel is a large part of the job. Travel provides the opportunity to experience many different countries and cultures, and possibly to pick up a new language or two along the way. Additionally, international assignments are often better paid and provide better allowances. All of a model’s travel expenses and allowances are covered by the client. Provided that you are happy to hop on a plane, sometimes at a moment’s notice, this is definitely one of the benefits to being a model

Learning new skills

Working as a model is a great opportunity to learn new skills. Modelling work involves lots of waiting around, creating perfect opportunities to improve knowledge and pick up tricks of the trade. For instance, models spend many hours with makeup artists and hairdressers, so they almost invariably pick up elements of these skills. As modelling provides the opportunity to travel, this also means that many models are able to learn and speak other languages. They may eventually speak confidently in the country they are visiting and communicate with fashion designers for whom English may not be a first language. And models need to be fit and healthy, so learning how to maintain a healthy body is a skill that all models acquire.

Promotion and profile raising

Many of those who want to take up modelling have other aspirations: acting, singing, dancing or performing in other ways. Modelling is a great way to get noticed and to make influential people see who you are and what you can do. Due to the nature of modelling, models can find it easier to appear in the media in some form, whether it be in print or on television. This may lead to more appearances, furthering one’s modelling career while opening doors to other opportunities such as acting, television presenting and even writing.


The one thing that most aspiring models believe is that a career as a model will lead to them earning huge amounts of money. For some, this is the main driving force behind their desire to succeed. While earning money beyond most people’s wildest dreams is true for those who make it into the ‘super league’ of modelling, relatively few are in this category. That is not to say that modelling cannot be lucrative, but any aspiring model needs to be prepared for a few years of earning relatively modest sums. Once they have built up a large enough portfolio, they are more likely to be considered for higher value work such as advertising campaigns for major fashion labels and cosmetics brands.

These are just some of the opportunities and experiences that are available if you choose to pursue a career as a fashion model. The diversity of this industry allows for a great deal of flexibility and numerous potential career paths, regardless of your talents and interests.