Talent Management Chats With New Teenage Model Liam

New Teenage Model Liam Joins Talent Management Modelling Agency
New Teenage Model Liam Joins Talent Management Modelling Agency

Talent Management had a chat with our new teenage modelling recruit Liam and found out what he thinks makes him different, and what he hopes to achieve to become a teenage model.

Vital statistics?
Age: 13
Height: 122cms
Build: Slender build
Hair: Dirty blonde hair
Eye Colour: Blue eyes
Complexion: Pale complexion with freckles

How would you describe your look?
Cute and petite

Where did your interest in teen modelling come from?
People told me I should become a model as I love having my picture taken. My mum says I am a poser!

What made you choose Talent Management?
My mum looked into it on the internet and thought that Talent Management would be a good company to represent me.

What are you hoping to gain from signing up with a model agency?
I love having my picture taken because it makes me feel special!

Name the top 3 things about yourself that you think will make you a good model.
I can jump 4 crates!
I do as I am told (mostly)!
Most people I know call me cute and tell me that I have good manners

Do you have any additional talents; singing, dancing, acting, etc?
I love to dance, to jump and to ride on my bike. I am a fast runner and won all my races in my school sports day the last 2 years!
I did have dance classes but decided they weren’t for me as I didn’t want to learn other people’s moves when I have my own.
I have a good sense of humour and love to laugh!

What are you most looking forward to in becoming a model?
Seeing my photo in a magazine! I’m so excited! I would love to ride in a Limousine!

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