Models Direct: Plus-Size To Gym-Sculpted To Be A Model

This 42-year-old former legal secretary now wants to be a model after sheddding three and a half stone and dramatically altering her overall look…

be a model
Rachel Turner – before and after

This week Models Direct writers have read about Rachel Turner’s incredible transformation from an average size 16 to a ‘fat free’ body builder.
The 42-year-old former legal secretary now wants to be a model…

Turner began her transformation just six months before winning her first body building competition. She went from weighing 12 stone at her heaviest, to becoming a tiny 8st 7lb – an incredible achievement. But what on earth motivated such a dramatic change?

Rachel Turner is a mother of three children, they’re aged 21, 18 and 9. She told reporters from the Daily Star this week: “I decided it was time to change, not just for my sake but for my children’s.”

But is this definitely a change for the better? It seems that many readers did not think so, with the majority of comments on the article being negative. Dave Huggins declared: “I think that looks disgusting on a woman!”

Do you agree?

Rachel Turner insists that she is far healthier and more confident as a result of her new strict diet and exercise regime: “I love showing off my new figure,” She says, “I don’t wear a one piece. I wear a two-piece bikini, the smaller the better!”

And before the change? “I was unhappy so I ate, and I ate so I was unhappy,” she insists.

Well, here at Models Direct we believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that health and happiness are the most important factors that should contribute to any changes to a person’s body shape. Do you think that Rachel went to far in her transformation or is she to be admired for her dedication? We would love to hear your opinions.