Is Your Baby Cute Enough?

Ever thought whose baby that is on the jar of baby food? Or pack of nappies?

Well it really is someone’s baby, baby modelling is a fun way to spend time with your baby and get out and about. Whilst we all think our babies are beautiful, maybe someone else will agree and give your baby the opportunity to the face of their product!

The market for baby products has grown hugely, it’s a big industry and the demand for designer and mother and baby products has soared, so model babies are being used more and more for shoots!

Models Direct represent babies and toddlers and have worked with large international names like, Pampers, Disney and other independent national baby brands.

Katy for Max aged 1, Model fee: £720.00

Model Feedback

“The Models Direct assignment for Pampers was a great experience for Max. Max loved meeting all the new people and everyone was very sweet to him. The photographer, Jo, was particularly nice and made sure the babies were happy and comfortable at all times. There was no pressure and everyone was very professional.”

The baby business is big business for companies who sell baby food, nappies, baby clothing, baby toys and so much more. Baby models are always needed for magazine articles, advertising campaigns, promotional work and sometimes even TV. Baby modelling is a very competitive area within the world of modelling but can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your baby. Baby models come in all sizes but generally Models Direct’s clients are looking for happy babies who don’t mind strangers, as this makes it so much easier for photographers to get on with their job.

Baby models between birth and 1 year old are always in demand, so if your baby has a happy disposition and loves to smile why not apply for free to let your baby become a baby model and see where it takes you both! So whether your baby becomes the next baby supermodel or just enjoys having a few photos taken, why not apply to Models Direct Baby Modelling Agency for further details.

Baby modelling assignments come in all forms from photographic shoots for catalogues to promoting events or products but great care is always taken by us at Models Direct and our clients to ensure your baby always comes first.