Meet Talent Management Child Model, Musician, Actress & Dancer Sophie!

Meet Talent Management Child Model Sophie
Meet Talent Management Child Model Sophie

We are very happy to welcome our new Talent Management child model Sophie. With pretty brown eyes and brunette hair Sophie has an angelic quality and we are sure this will make her stand out. Sophie also has other hidden talents – with a passion for music, acting and dancing!

Vital statistics:
Age 11 – Female
Height – 137cm
Weight – 27kg 4st 4lb
Hair – Light Brown Wavy Hair
Eyes – Dark Brown

How would you describe your look?
Young, fresh and angelic.”

Where did your interest in modelling come from?
“I go to a local dance and performing arts school where I auditioned for a part in Aladdin @ Theatre Royal and got the part as a babe. Being on stage was amazing.

What made you choose Talent Management?
“We chose Talent Management as a friend works for you and we have heard great things from them.”

What are you hoping to gain from signing up with a model agency?
“More doors being opened to further my career. I would love to get more experience and see my face in adverts.

Name the top 3 things about yourself that you think will make you a good model.
“Focused, Competitive and Talented.”

Do you have any additional talents? Singing, dancing, acting, etc?
“Dancing – Tap (grade 3), Modern (grade 3), Ballet (grade 1). Drama Classes (grade 2). Plays Violin (most experience in), guitar, flute & recorder.”

What are you most looking forward to in becoming a model?
“Going to new locations and meeting different people.”

If you think Talent Management agency could help you to become a model, actor, singer, musician or dancer why not apply to join us? There is a wealth of information on the Talent Management website which is designed to help you when choosing an agency, whatever your talent.

If you’re a photographer with an assignment coming up simply contact Talent Management’s booking team on 0844 334 0000, or fill in a model request form at