Eleven Talent Management Models Talk To MTV About Sex On Video

In October Studio Output, a creative agency in London, contacted us looking for male and female Talent Management models aged 18-28 years old that could speak native Russian, French, Spanish or Portuguese to take part in MTV’s video campaign ‘Someone Like Me’.

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation picked 11 of our models from the casting to star in their global awareness campaign to create awareness for HIV and try and encourage young people to start practicing safe sex. The campaign was shot at the end of October in London and we have just received the finished videos from them!


Our model Solange told us: “The “Someone like me” MTV video shoot was amazing and a great a new experience. I felt like a star for the day. It was such fun doing it, I met new people and the casting team were fantastic with me and my colleagues.”


“I didn’t feel nervous at all and I had a really good time. I would love to do this again – there was such a great atmosphere on set and it was such an interesting experience. We spoke about some of our stories and adventures as well as the importance of protection against STD’s,” Vasco told Talent Management after the assignment.


18-year-old model Mitchell really enjoyed the experience and told us “The assignment was quite intimate and I had to talk about sex, so it was quite a personal matter but I felt happy to share it. I learnt quite a few skills on the acting side especially.”


“Today’s assignment was really fun and upbeat. I loved the experience and every one was very cheerful and pleasant to work with. I really enjoyed being in front of the camera and being myself the whole time,” Mariana told our model booker Molly after the assignment.


This is Sanna’s second assignment with Talent Management, he told us “How do I feel being a model/actor? I feel amazing to be honest; it is something I have always wanted to do since I was a kid. I was quite nervous at the beginning but talking with the make-up ladies, the photographer and especially Margarida made everything better and I ended up having fun.”


Julia really enjoyed the assignment and told us “The best part of the assignment was listening to other people’s stories and embarrassing moments and really connecting with them about what they’ve been through. We actually found out we all had quite a lot in common.”


“Today was a nice and fun experience and everyone was very friendly. We had to talk about sex on the assignment and try to advise the younger ones to have a healthy and secure sex life,” Paula.


Sophie built up her confidence in front of the camera on set: “I felt quite relaxed in front of the camera and above all things I was happy to take part in a campaign that I believe can help people be more open about sex and fight aids. I found quite funny the fact that I could share my experiences without any complex and I do hope my small contribution will prove useful.”


“It was so great being part of the MTV campaign that promotes safe sex and awareness around HIV. I was more nervous than I expected because the questions asked were very personal and intimate but I enjoyed challenging myself, especially for a good cause!” Rachel.


“The most enjoyable part of the assignment was the team – they were warm and helpful people, very supportive and there was a nice atmosphere and it felt homely,” Valerija had so much fun she would like to do the whole thing again.


Alissya: “I was nervous about the assignment organised by Talent Management, but luckily the people that were recording me on the day were very nice and made me feel really comfortable. I had a lot of fun and I would recommend it because the assignments are not very hard and you always have a good time.”

We also got some great feedback from our client Margarida from Studio Output:

Hi Molly,

I hope you are well.

Just to let you know it was a pleasure working with you and your models. Models were all very friendly and easy to work with. Thanks for all your help during the process and for suggesting them to me.

The campaign should be online very soon and it will be happy to share the link with you then.

Kind Regards,