Talent Management Review Baby Modelling Story In Daily Mail

Talent Management Review Baby Modelling
Talent Management Review Baby Modelling

Talent Management review baby modelling article in The Daily Mail to see why mother Rachel ended up hating herself when her baby was chosen to be a model…

A couple of weeks ago there was a very interesting article in The Daily Mail about one mother’s experience of baby modelling when her six-month-old son Tanoa got accepted by two modelling agencies. Rachel knew baby modelling was extremely competitive and no modelling agency can guarantee work, but she said: “my imagination immediately ran away with me as I pictured my son’s handsome face emblazoned on formula milk cartons, supermarket hoardings and in TV nappy advertisements.”

Rachel began to notice that her competitive side was coming out, when going for castings she said: “Clearly Tanoa was going to have to compete with babies from other agencies for it – but I was ready for the fight. When the day of the shoot dawned in April, I made sure my son looked his best, then carefully styled my own hair, put on full make-up and dressed in a stylish outfit. I felt it was judgement day for me too.”

Tanoa was successful at this casting and made £838.50 for just four hours work, but Rachel said: “By the time we had another casting – for the French supermaket chain Carrefour I was feeling cocky. But as I stared round the room at the cute afro-sporting babies and gorgeous blue-eyed toddlers, I could see Tanoa was out of his league.

“I started to wish he had bigger curls in his hair and a pair of tiny cute front teeth like so many of the other babies. Then a sense of shame started to creep over me. I couldn’t believe the thoughts that were running through my head about my baby boy. What was I thinking?”.

Rachel decided that modelling wasn’t for her and her son Tanoa as it brought out her competitive side and made her hate herself.

Baby modelling is very competitive and it is important to remember that a client will be choosing a baby for a certain ‘look’ that suits their brand or concept. No client is ever looking for the same thing and all babies are beautiful in their own way.

Our baby models and their mums are fully aware of this and they have great fun at castings and on their assignments. We always love to receive their feedback and see their pictures from the day! You can take a look at some of the fantastic stories we get from them every day here.