Male Model Edward’s Talent Management Review

Male Model Edward Matts Talent Management Review
Male Model Edward Matts Talent Management Review

We love getting feedback from our models and hearing how they got on with their modelling assignments, so we couldn’t wait to to hear our 28-year-old male model Edward’s Talent Management Review.

“Having been a member on Talent Management for only a few months, I wasn’t expecting to get work so soon. I was really excited (if a little nervous) when I had the call from them. Having arrived on location my nerves were instantly put to rest having met with a very knowledgeable and friendly photographer and a welcoming client not to mention the other models.

“It was a multi location shoot but the preparation the photographer had put into it prior to our arrival made for a smooth and well planned out day. It was a relaxed friendly environment. The majority of us were fairly new to modelling and this made the day even more enjoyable as we swapped tips, ideas and generally got to know each other. It was a fun experience, not just for the financial gain but also for the experience independently. It has certainly helped boost my confidence and appetite for future assignments.

The blue-eyed, blonde-haired model also gave some great advice to other new models: “One piece of advice I would say is, remain flexible. I was called up last minute, and situations changed on the day. Thankfully on the advice of Talent Management I had plenty of clothes to change into that were out of scope to the original assignment.

“To anyone thinking they have what it takes I’d say go for it. Through doing just one shoot I’ve had my initial investment back and so now anything on top is profit, but more importantly the experience itself it fun, enjoyable, varied and interesting.”