Talent Management: Could You Be A Fitness Model?

Talent Management writers have been interested to see the way that fitness modelling has taken off recently…

Talent Management
WBFF 2013 winners

Fitness modelling has hit an all-time high and Talent Management writers were interested to see that this year’s World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Show at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, was attended by an audience of 6,000.

Competitors – aged between 20 and 40, from fitness mags like GQ, Oxygen and Men’s Health – were competing, and categories included evening wear and swimwear.

30-year-old male fitness model Shaun Stafford said before the show:

“The pros (those who win or are commended in a show) are inspirational figures to a lot of people. They are all trainers and some come from a background where they weren’t in great shape and now they are.

“They are motivating for their clients and followers and it is these fans who tune in and watch. I played quite a lot of sport at school and throughout university but as soon as uni finishes there’s not really that much to stay fit for.

“This is really good reason to do that… competing at the highest level takes discipline, dedication and hard training. It’s quite addictive; it allows you to get the competitive element going.’

This year’s winners included:

Pro bodybuilding – Ignacio Torres
Pro Fitness Model World Champion – Justin Gonzales
Figure Pro World Champion – Monica Brant
Diva Fitness Model World Champion – Andreia Brazier
Diva Bikini Model World Champion – Lindsay Messina

They are pictured above.

Have you become addicted to a strict fitness regime and dramatically changed your body as a result? If you have Talent Management would be interested to hear your story.

Do you think you could be a fitness model? For advice on all types of modelling please take a look at the website of Talent Management’s dedicated modelling arm – Models Direct. You’ll find a range of information on modelling, acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music, designed to help you when choosing an agency.

The first ever London fitness model competition will take place at the O2 Arena in November.