Girlz With Grillz – Models Direct Review

Models Direct Review Katy Perry Wearing Roar Grillz
Models Direct Review Katy Perry Wearing Roar Grillz

The Models Direct review team are not quite sure what to make of the new fashion trend of grillz – now a must have fashion accessory for females thanks to Beyonce and Rihanna who first started wearing these sparkling mouth braces. Grillz are clip-on braces shaped around dental moulds and encrusted with precious jewels and gold.

Katy Perry has now joined in on the fun as she stepped out in a multi-coloured jewelled grill that said ‘ROAR’ at The MTV Music Awards a few days ago to promote her new single. Other celebrities in the ‘grillz clique’ including Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson! Miley Cyrus is said to have 3 different styles which she carries around in her bag, Beyonce has been seen wearing rose gold grillz and Madonna stepped out in gold and diamond encrusted grillz this month.

So where are the ladies getting their grillz from? Former rapper Paul Wall is now supplying bespoke grillz to the stars – “All the fly girls are getting them now,” he explained.

The team here at Models Direct are used to seeing them on rappers such as Nelly and other male artists but we didn’t realise they had become so popular with women… They certainly are eye-catching but would you dare to wear grillz on your next night out?