Curvy Talent Management Agency Model Debra Explains Why She Chose Us

Our panel loved 26-year-old female Talent Management agency model Debra’s look and attitude when they recently reviewed her application…

Talent Management agency female model Debra
Talent Management agency female model Debra

Our panel loved 26-year-old female Talent Management agency model Debra’s look and attitude when they recently reviewed her application. This beautiful model has a new found confidence since losing 57lbs just over a year ago – and she’s proud of the healthy curves she has left! We asked her to answer some questions about why she chose us and this is what she had to say…

Vital statistics?

Height: 5’6
Weight: 72kg
Dress size: (UK) 12-14
Eye colour: Blue/green eyes
Hair colour: Brunette
Skin tone: fair

How would you describe your look?

“I have a youthful look about me. I’ve been told that I have fantastic eyes and a nicely structured face. I’m curvy and when I show my tattoos I suppose I have quite a rock chick look, but when my tattoos are covered up I look more naturally beautiful – I think this is because of my eyes, plump lips and fair skin.”

Where did your interest in modelling come from?

“About a year ago I decided I wasn’t happy with the way I looked so I changed it. I dropped 57lbs and with that I found that I have become a lot more confident I don’t mind showing of the curves that I do have now because I’m not frightened that everything is hanging out anymore. This being the case – why not get in front of a camera and show off my massive achievement?”

What made you choose Talent Management?

“Well I applied to a few companies to become a model and out of all the ones that got back to me Talent Management didn’t rush me into making a choice right that second. They were really informative and on the ball at all times. I knew what was happening every step of my application which is great. My co-ordinator was really friendly and bubbly and really seemed like someone that I wanted to work with.”

What are you hoping to gain from signing up with a model agency?

“I want to be happy in the career that I’m in, I don’t want to sit behind a desk anymore thinking ‘I’m worth more then this’. I want to achieve a little fame (who doesn’t haha). I love to be pampered and being told I look great is a real confidence booster. I want to achieve something that I can look back on and feel proud of.”

Name the top 3 things about yourself that you think will make you a good model.

“Confidence, reliability and wanting this more then anything I’ve ever wanted.”

Do you have any additional talents; singing, dancing, acting, etc?

“I have an abundance of confidence which I believe is a talent when it comes to giving it all you have in front of a camera.”

What are you most looking forward to in becoming a model?

“I am most looking forward to the day that I make it into a commercial or in a magazine and my family say ‘Look there you are!’ …Cannot wait for that.”

If you think Talent Management agency could help you to become a model, actor, singer, musician or dancer why not apply to join us? There is a wealth of information on the Talent Management website which is designed to help you when choosing an agency, whatever your talent.

If you’re a photographer with an assignment coming up and you think Debra may be right for the job simply contact Talent Management’s booking team on 0844 334 0000, quoting her model reference number ‘BX624634′ or fill in a model request form at