Talent Management Child Modelling Assignment For Marli

Talent Management’s Marli really stole our hearts here at the agency and she recently completed a child modelling assignment for Snazaroo…

Talent Management child model Marli
Talent Management child model Marli

Super-cute Talent Management’s Marli really stole our hearts here at the agency. She recently completed a child modelling assignment for Snazaroo and really enjoyed the experience. When we asked mum Miranda how she got on this is what she told us:

“Marli really enjoyed the day but she started off being very shy. Normally she is not like this but I think it was because there were lots of older children there which made her slightly nervous.

“Once she had her face painted and did her first photo she became much more relaxed and did as the photographer said. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was the end photo shoot where Marli joined a group of children pretending to have a party. There were balloons and cakes and everyone smiled for the photos!

“The assignment involved Marli having her face painted twice. One a cupcake/rainbow design and the other a princess design. She then had to have her photo taken with the different faces, smiling forward and sideways. The final shot involved having a group of children to do a party scene all wearing face paint.

“Marli definitely gained confidence as the day went on and by the last shoot she was really enjoying being in front of the camera. She learnt how to sit still for face paint and how to look in front of the camera as well as how to work as a group for the last photo.

“I decided that Marli should join Talent Management as I thought it would be good for her and may lead to some good jobs in the future. Marli has standard photos on her e-portfolio but nothing professional. Hopefully we will get some of the shots from Snazaroo and be able to use them in the future.

“I would recommend the experience to other parents as it is good for children’s confidence and teaches them new things. It is a good move to join an agency as they will help you find work and advise you.”

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