Talent Management: Nude Models In Body Paint Create ‘Human’ Car

Talent Management staff couldn’t help noticing the new Fiat advertisement featuring over a dozen naked female models…

Talent Management
New Fiat ad

Talent Management staff couldn’t help noticing the new Fiat advertisement recently created by body artist Craig Tracy. The ad is a unique work of art that features over a dozen naked female models – painstakingly painted to take on the appearance of the 500 Fiat model.
View behind the scenes footage below!

The models used included contortionists, circus performers who were able to group together in a very carefully choreographed way to re-create the car shape. Having been painted and arranged they were then photographed by R.J.Muna. In total it took five days and up to 40 people to come up with the final image.

When asked about his role in the task Tracy told reporters: “Initially the concept for this project blew my mind a bit. I knew how overwhelming the task could be but I felt confident with the right supporting staff and crew that we’d get it done.

“The process involving this was many days of preparation, pre-organising the poses, mapping everything that would eventually come to be real and then working really long days to make them happen.

“The project was certainly more than the typical ad, it became a work of art.”
What do you think of the human car? Is it a work of art, or another excuse for headline grabbing nudity? Responses on the Daily Mail website appear mixed.

One reader from Gloucestershire stated: “I think it fantastic. great skill and time and patience involved in this advert. its very tastefully done.”

While another who called himself Jeff said: “A bit too intimate for me. Looks like a smelly, stinky pile.”