Talent Management: Pet Models Are Still En Vogue For 2013!

Here at Talent Management we love our pet models so we loved hearing this heartwarming story about Morrison the cat…

Talent Management loves pet models
Talent Management loves pet models

Here at Talent Management we love our pet models. Cat and dog models have had a real surge in popularity since Ashleigh and Pudsey won Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, and us Brits cannot get enough of our furry friends!

Talent Management dog model favourite Billy made us proud with his Pets at Home success earlier in the year and our cat modelling favourites include our gorgeous TM ragdoll cat model, called Dippy.

The agency’s love of animals makes it even more pleasing to hear of pet models who have been discovered after a difficult start – which is why the story of Morrison the cat has warmed so many hearts in the TM offices this morning. Not long ago, Morrison was living in a shelter after being found homeless and abandoned. But now this gorgeous one year old moggy has made it into the final of a Purina cat food competition.

Owner Mrs McLean rescued him from the Animal Welfare League and decided to enter him into the comp as she believed he could be modelling material. She thinks that getting him used to the camera has really helped him to impress the judges.

“We don’t have any kids, so he’s our baby,” she said. “We take lots of photos of him. He poses all the time. He’s an interesting cat.”

The winner of the competition is due to be announced on August 29th but whatever the result it looks like Morrison has a potential future in modelling, as his loving owner is behind him all the way: “We think he’s the cutest cat in the world. If he was a person, I think he would love the attention. He’s too cute to not put on TV in front of everybody.”

She is also on the look out for a playmate for Morrison.

This will be the first time that an undiscovered cat has been used on a Purina advertisement as opposed to a cat model, but the brand clearly knows that no experience is really necessary for a pet with the right temperament.

Everyone at Talent Management is wishing him the best of luck and hoping to see Morrison on our TV screens soon.