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  • Nikki

    Talent received: £420, Ref:CA645033

    The assignment involved both an acting and modeling role. The fantastic part was working beside other models from Talent Management. We are now connected through Facebook and I really hope we can stay friends. >>


    Talent received: £420, Ref:BM624996

    No matter what talent you have or don't, working with an agency is a great chance to find & explore more about yourself. I've left this experience wanting to do more modelling work. I realised I'm actually ok at this. It's given me an outlet to express myself in ways I never thought I could. >>

  • Chelsea, aged 9

    Talent received: £120, Ref:P607047

    I had fun with the other models and made some new friends. It was a different experience for me. I have told all my friends about my experience and they are all very excited and wish to join in one day. >>


    Talent received: £150, Ref:Y238641

    Paige completed her first assignment for Talent Management. The assignment was for Endemol productions. The filming took place in the afternoon in a high school. The whole experience was very enjoyable and we can not wait for another opportunity. >>

  • Judith

    Talent received: £420, Ref:R643559

    This is not something I would have done had it not been for joining Talent Management and was a positive experience that leaves me hoping for more - I joined to gain new experience and I got one! Thank you Talent Management for a fun, friendly and interesting time! >>


    Talent received: £420, Ref:K686710

    The whole experience was very enjoyable and picking out one thing I enjoyed most, it would be being strapped to the moving vehicle. It's ideal to sign up to an agency and I would highly recommend Talent Management to get you started in this industry.>>

  • Wallis

    Talent received: £120, Ref:BT585987

    Being a model for the day was amazing - it is my dream job and I had a great experience. It was great fun having my hair and make up done and the photo shoot at the end was the absolute highlight. >>

    Kyle, aged 8

    Talent received: £120, Ref:P612066

    During the summer holidays Kyle did a photo shoot for Medmerry Park. He played the part of the son/grandson of a family on holiday. Kyle loved being part of the "pretend family" and was especially pleased that he had a sister for the day! >>

  • Jess

    Talent received: £275, Ref:E509661

    The assignment involved working with two other models to hold a prop to promote a new healthcare product and the other models were both great fun to work with, we spent most of the day laughing. The location was amazing and it was a really nice day out - which I also got paid for! >>


    Talent received: £125, Ref:BQ604757

    I felt fabulous working on this assignment from Talent Management. The team was very friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic. Alex the photographer was pleasant and he really got everyone going. Everything was nice and relaxed and I had fun playing the businessman. >>

  • Jessica, aged 7

    Talent received: £150, Ref:P565196

    We were under the impression that it was for photographic work so it was a nice surprise for Jessica that she could play a part in the filming. Jessica has had two other jobs with 'Babies R Us' and 'Clarks' and is now earning money for her account. >>

    Daniela, aged 5

    Talent received: £60, Ref:D511763

    I think it is every parents dream to see their children being successful and involved in acting or modelling etc. and the best way forward is to join Talent Management. We did just that when we enrolled Daniela, not to earn a fortune but mainly for her experience and to help her get on the ladder. >>

"Just a quick one to let you know that Saturday was a complete joy. All of your models were absolutely charming, wonderful looking and lovely to be with. But more than that, as soon as I gathered them into the first shot there was an un-stoppable chemistry between them that mean that I hardly needed to direct them at all. They posed, chatted and laughed with ease, invention and humour. I took with me three of my own friends to supplement numbers and they all hit it off immediately. Nobody was ever left out and the day had such a natural energy that far exceeded my expectations. Will you please send my thanks to everyone, they were all exceptional people and such fun to spend the day with. I wish them all the very best in everything they do. Thanks to you also for organising such a great bunch." Philip - Philip Vile Photography

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We are a worldwide talent and model agency welcoming models and talent of all looks and ages. Talent Management enjoys more than two decades of experience matching talent to clients from models, actors, singers, musicians and much more. Thanks to the many years of working with a variety of businesses, we have acquired a number of loyal corporate and private industry contacts in TV, Film, Theatre, Advertising and much more. If you have a talent in modelling, acting, singing, dancing, entertaining or music, you can apply at Talent Management. We give all our talent a personal, approachable and professional service, offering advice and tips at every step of the way. We also extend a warm invitation for you to visit and meet the people behind the scenes who are working hard for your future success. If are looking for representation or to book talent, contact us.

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