Talent Management’s Top Tips for Baby Modelling

Are you convinced your baby has modelling potential?

It can be a fun way to fill the first year and spend time with your new-born.

Agencies are always looking for newborns as they have a short modelling span, they are always on the look out for the next fresh face!

At Talent Management we often see parents applying for their babies when they are around 6 months old as they have started to develop a personality and the parents are feeling more comfortable about taking on new challenges with their baby. They are also able to sit around this age and respond to people, which works well for photo-shoots and filming!

Working with baby models can become much more challenging once they reach the terrible two’s!! They are super active at this age and not ready yet to take instruction from a parent let alone a photographer or casting director, so when working with this age group shoots can take a little bit more time. When working with professional photographers this is all taken into consideration.

It goes without saying that babies change, quickly! It is therefore essential that you keep the agency up to date with new pics of your baby as they change and develop. The agency will not be able to put forward a picture of a 3 month baby if they are actually now a year old!

If you are contacted by your agency as your baby has been selected or shortlisted for an assignment, you must be committed and organised. Client’s are often working to tight timescales and therefore will require you on set at the time they have requested. Therefore, you need to take travel time, feeding and changing time all into consideration.

Baby modelling boosts confidence and teaches them all about interacting with others. It’s a great experience for them and something you can tell them about when they are older. You may well be able to keep the images, which is always a bonus!

The team at Talent Management will always be here to brief you fully when your baby has been selected for work, they will ensure you have all the details you need and feel comfortable about the experience!