The assignments team at Talent Management spend their days speaking to clients, new and regular, understanding their model requirements for their next photo-shoot, commercial, campaign or promotional event – it’s essential our booking agents have a good relationship with the clients we work with so they can ensure they introduce the client to the talent they need!

Sometimes this process can be lengthy, due to the client’s brief or contacting multiple models who may have been shortlisted for the job and we need to know their availability. The nature of the industry is fast, so generally there is not alot of time to find the perfect person for the assignment in question, so our bookers at Talent Management work quickly and often under pressure!!

Being a Booking Agent is very exciting and it is so pleasing when you have matched the perfect model(s) to client, equaling happy models and happy clients!

The best way for us to hear how an assignment went is to ask our┬ámodels for assignment feedback! Models are obviously very excited to be working and are keen to let us know what was expected of them on the day, who they met and whether they enjoyed it – we LOVE hearing from you!

Check out a few of our most recent MODEL FEEDBACK videos, from models who have recently done a variety of assignments for us at Talent management.