Models Direct Review Tooth Whitening Alternatives

We have come up with some tooth-whitening dos and don’ts that will help you to achieve a dazzling smile in our Models Direct review!

Models Direct review tooth-whitening alternatives
Models Direct review tooth-whitening alternatives

Experts at Models Direct know how easy it is to feel envious of all the dazzling smiles to be seen in the media these days. It seems that everyone who is anyone has incredible bright white, straight teeth. However, many of the models and actors that we tend to compare ourselves with on a daily basis have had more than a little help with their perfect looks; dental implants and bleaching treatments are common place, particularly in the US.

Procedures like these can be expensive, painful and – let’s face it – they can also go very badly wrong! Still, a gorgeous grin can completely alter your looks and clean, stain-free teeth is a great place to start. So, how can you achieve naturally brighter teeth without spending a fortune or going through painful procedures? We have come up with some tooth-whitening dos and don’ts that will help you to do just that in our Models Direct review!


One of the worst offenders for staining your teeth – smoking eventually leaves your teeth with yellow, and even brown, stains. It is also very damaging to the gums and can cause gum disease which will eventually lead to you losing your teeth altogether – not a good look!

Use peroxide
While peroxide is very effective at tooth whitening it is also a bleach. Gargling with peroxide or using peroxide based tooth whiteners will irritate your gums and can cause sensitivity of the teeth so avoid this practice.

Forget to brush after tea or coffee
It would be better if you did not drink tea or coffee at all, since both of these drinks will stain your teeth. If you must drink tea or coffee try to get into a habit of brushing afterwards whenever possible. Also, try green tea as an alternative which is fab for gum health!

Use lemon peels or juices to clean your teeth.
While citrus fruits will temporarily brighten your teeth, they work by removing the stained enamel rather than just the stains! This considerably weakens your teeth in the long run and is obviously a very bad idea.


Try baking soda
Though baking soda is reasonably safe on the teeth and a very effective cleaner you must use it infrequently and carefully. Mix a little with you usual toothpaste and brush as normal, no more than once a week. Baking soda will also help to reduce acidity and bacteria. Rinse thoroughly after use.

Eat strawberries
Strawberries have fab tooth whitening properties. Some people even crush this fruit and apply it to the teeth but Models Direct would not recommend this as it could damage the enamel. While strawberries are not as harsh on the teeth as citrus fruits they do whiten in a similar way, so brush your pegs after eating them.

Wear red lipstick
Simple and very affective. Wearing berry red lipstick can do wonders for your smile, and, if you pick the right shade, it will also give your teeth a whiter appearance. Go for a red with a blue undertone and avoid brown or orange tones which will make teeth appear more yellow.

Invest in a sonic toothbrush
Electric toothbrushes, particularly those that vibrate, are extremely effective at cleaning the teeth and gums. Try one, you won’t go back!.