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Welcome to our modelling agency 'Your work is our business'

We are a worldwide talent and modelling agency welcoming models and talent of all looks and ages. Models Direct Talent Management enjoys more than two decades of experience matching talent to clients from models, actors, singers, musicians and much more. Thanks to the many years of working with a variety of businesses, we have acquired a number of loyal corporate and private industry contacts in TV, Film, Theatre, Advertising and much more. Talent Management have been established for years and have built up a reputation as one of the most trusted names in modelling. We are a talent agency and also a talent agency working with those with talent in acting, singing, dancing, entertaining or music. We give all our talent a personal, approachable and professional service, offering advice and tips at every step of the way. We also extend a warm invitation for you to visit and meet the team working hard for your future success. If are looking for representation or to book talent, contact us. +44 (0)1603 895072 enquiries@talentmanagement.com