How to Dress Your Baby for a Baby Modelling Audition

Bringing your baby to an audition can be a thrilling and nerve-racking experience, especially the first time round. To be chosen for the role, your child needs to make a great first impression. He or she needs to look better than the competition – and feel better, too. Whilst every casting is different, we at Talent Management recommend keeping these  pointers in mind when dressing your baby for a baby modelling audition:

Zero logos on clothing

Try to avoid wearing clothes with a logo on. This means no product names, brand or designer names, cartoon characters and big pictures. Whilst small logos are usually okay, it’s safer to avoid them altogether.

Wear clothing that fits well

During a baby modelling audition, your baby may be instructed to move about, jump around or even dance during the audition, so his/her clothes must not be too loose or too tight. Keep outfits well-fitting and snug to ensure your child is comfortable and confident when performing the act.

Bold and bright colours are ideal

A casting director or agent can see up to a hundred kids in a day, so it’s recommendable to wear clothes that stand out. Think outfits in vivid colours that flatter your baby’s skin, hair and eye colour. Avoid dreary ones like black, brown and gray.

Make sure outfits are appropriate for your baby’s age

He or she needs to look his/her age: cute, sweet and childlike—and not some 18-year-old heading to a party or music festival. No heels and provocative garments.

Avoid layering clothes

You don’t want your baby to be all sweaty, uneasy and bad-tempered, which can terribly affect his or her audition. Forget jackets, coats and scarves. Wear light, airy clothes instead. Think light denim, short-sleeved shirts and blouses.

Comfort is key in baby modeling

Your little one has to feel comfy in their clothes. So don’t make them wear something they don’t like. Note that they’re going to be filmed in a studio with a handful of people. Again, making the right impression is important. Surely you don’t want your kid to be identified as the aspiring model who constantly fidgeted with his or her outfit.

Avoid wearing too much cosmetics

If your baby is a girl, no need to wear make-up. Fresh face and natural beauty is always best. If she really wants a little paint, just keep it light.

Avoid wearing jewellery

Minimise wearing unnecessary jewellery and accessories.  If you’re going to accessorise, make sure they add or highlight your kid’s natural charm and personality without overpowering the outfit or distracting from your child.

Keep hair neatly combed

The first thing your kid must do when they enter the audition room is to make eye contact with the talent agent or director. Make sure his or her hair is tidy and out of the eyes and face. You may use hair accessories like headbands, clips and ponytail holders, which not only keep hair groomed but also add flavour to your baby’s look.

Stay away from busy and loud designs 

Clothes with busy patterns like certain stripes and plaids can be too strong and distracting, so avoid these designs.  

Choose well-fitting footwear

Your baby’s shoes must be clean and fit comfortably. Worn-out and ill-fitting footwear can easily distract and spoil your kid’s mood (and performance).

Record your child’s audition outfits

When you receive a call-back, make sure you put your baby in the same exact clothes that he or she auditioned in. Doing so recreates the first impression your child made during the casting. You don’t want to change whatever the casting agent or director loved about your kid.

Stick with outfits that work

No need to overthink things next time around. When you find audition outfits that result to call-backs, stick with them. Wear them again (or maybe with a little modification) for future auditions and castings.

Wear a big smile

A huge smile is perhaps the most important piece of clothing or accessory your child has to wear during the audition. It can quickly make your baby even more adorable. So make sure your kid feels good and happy about joining the audition. Don’t put too much pressure on your child to win the part. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience most of all.

Clothes can say so much about a person—and they may even make or break your baby’s audition. If you’re clueless what your child has to wear for an audition, follow these tips. Your kid may just ace the big day.