Become a Model: How to Pull Off An Off-Duty Model Look

Become a Model
Nothing represents cool and comfy better than a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Fashion models always look stunning, especially when they’re strutting down the catwalk. You’ll often see them wearing various wardrobe items and accessories like glamorous headpieces, even angel wings and painful heels. All this is thanks to the designers and stylists and other specialists who put in so much effort to ensure models look flawless on the ramp.

On the road and off-duty though, models simply want to be carefree and comfy, yet effortlessly chic with their outfits. No matter what standard of beauty you conform to, it’s easy to pull off an off-duty model look and unleash your inner Heidi Klum or Cara Delevingne by following these useful tips from your fashion friends at Talent Management:

Black on Black

Perhaps models wear a lot of black to go undetected from the prying crowd and paparazzi. Or maybe because black is sexy and elegant at the same time. And it just looks good on everyone. You can easily pull off an off-duty model style by wearing black from head to toe. To avoid the cringe-worthy “emo” or “goth” look, don’t go for anything too loose-fitting. If you’re not very keen on wearing an all-black colour scheme, choose monochromatic colours instead. Whilst they love wearing black, they also favour white, gray, and beige outfits.

Leather Jacket  

Surely, you notice that professional models have this swanky feel about their clothing style. A simple way to emit that same vibe is by sporting a leather jacket. A moto jacket is such a wonderful investment piece to have in your wardrobe, as it instantly gives that cool factor to your clothes and quickly spruces up any outfit. Leather jackets are perfect for layering over basic white tees, statement tees or whatever top you’re wearing. You’ll never go wrong with a white or black v-neck shirt over a leather biker jacket.


Often when you become a model you are constantly on the go from one fashion show to an ad shoot, they usually opt for the comfy sneakers over not-so-comfy pumps. Slip-on sneaks are a great choice because they look posh and have plenty of styles and designs like suede, plaid, faux fur, leather, snakeskin, animal print, etc. With its recent popularity, you can surely find a nice pair that your feet will be grateful for. Of course, classic kicks, such as Converse, Nike and Adidas, are just as trendy as well.

One-of-a-Kind Purse

A unique purse can be a statement piece in itself, even if you aren’t trying to become a model. No wonder a lot of people are shelling out huge sums on bags. But you don’t have to pay a fortune for branded bags all the time, as long as you find something that’s one-of-a-kind. Be sure to pick one that suits your personality best—whether it be a classic black, beaded, studded, etc. Since off-duty models have to bring their stuff with them from one show to another, they are usually spotted with backpacks or oversized bags. Regardless of your personal style, carrying an extraordinary bag is an amazing way to spice up any outfit.

Boyfriend Jeans and Skinny Jeans

Nothing represents cool and comfy better than a pair of boyfriend jeans. That’s why many models love wearing them when they’re off-duty. If they’re not your thing, then go for skinny jeans instead, which are also a favourite of most off-duty models. They especially look incredible in black skinnies and faux leather. If you want to pull-off an edgy off-duty model look, wear a pair of hip distressed jeans.

Off-Duty Model Add-Ons

Those items given above are the essentials to any model. But below are some other things you should consider if you’re really looking to embody the coveted clothing style of off-duty models:

  • Boots – They especially like wearing heeled and ankle boots.
  • Pairs of Sunglasses – Off-duty models heart oversized round sunnies and aviator shades to not only protect them from the sun but to also dodge the media—and, of course, to look stylish.
  • Hats – Again, it’s mainly for sun shield, anonymity and style. They are often seen wearing fedoras and beanies.
  • Coats – Aside from leather biker jackets, many models love to wear different kinds of coats and blazers, which are great for layering.
  • Graphic sweaters– For a dash of spunk, off-duty models also don graphic sweaters.

You don’t necessarily have to become a model to start looking like an off-duty model. And no, you don’t need a stylist to learn their casual style. Just keep in mind these nifty tips above to hack their fashion sense and style—and pull off an off-duty model look!