Going to a Go-See? Here’s What You Need to Know

The modelling world is both fascinating and glamorous, which is why so many  aspire to become a model or the next star product endorser. Models are in an elite group, where only the strictest standards are allowed. Here at Talent Management, we know how difficult it is to nail that first job as a model, let alone attend your next go-see audition. Go-sees don’t have to be frightening experiences, however, if you follow some simple and practical advice.

What’s a Go-See?

Think of each casting and go-see audition as a job interview. Like all job interviews, the more prepared the candidate, the better the chance of success. One of the most critical aspects to consider as you prepare for a go-see is your overall look. If you want to become a model, follow these tips and guidelines at your next go-see audition. You’ll stand out from the crowd.

Become a Model: Back to Basics

Trendy clothes are fun to wear, but go-see auditions are about you, not the latest trends. Classic outfits are great during go-sees because clients, casting directors and managers, designers, stylists and makeup artists have to see what you truly look like without unnecessary distractions. They want to see you as a blank canvass and visualise what they can do with your look. A basic, neutral-coloured tee or tank top and skinny jeans ensemble is highly recommended because of its sheer simplicity.  A toned down outfit allows your natural beauty and unique features to shine. Shorts are fine, but make sure they’re not too short and skimpy.

Barely There Makeup

Potential clients want to see you in your natural light. Wearing too much and overly elaborate makeup diverts attention away from your exclusive look. Minimal makeup allows clients to see the real you and  your distinct facial features. Say no to smoky eyes and berry lips for now. There’ll be time for that later. Say yes to the “no makeup” look. Keep it to a minimum. Your basic face includes concealer, tinted moisturiser or foundation, blush or bronzer, lip gloss or a nude lipstick and a few swipes of mascara. They’re all you need.

Heels Matter

Heels and height matter when it comes to modelling. Black or nude colour heels make you look taller, enhance your posture and give your legs a longer look. Most clients require model candidates to walk in heels during castings and go-sees. But be careful. You don’t want to wear 6 inch high heels you’ve never worn before and suffer in excruciating pain. Instead, choose a pair that’s comfortable and you’ve practiced walking in. Wedges and espadrilles are great choices for towering height and attractive poses without forgoing comfort and style.

Your Hair: Go Au Naturel

Your hair is your crowning glory. If you have naturally wavy hair, don’t be tempted to attend a casting or  go-see with ironed and straightened hair. Simply tame any unruly strands and wear your hair down. Tuck or brush away bangs that hide your facial features. Play up your hair’s natural shape and style. Bring neutral colour hair elastics in case you are asked to tie it back.

To Accessorize or Not? That is the Question

Remember that castings and go-see auditions are meant to showcase you, not your clothes and accessories. Leave your glitzy bling at home, please. Don’t wear earrings, finger rings, necklaces, bracelets, navel rings, nose rings or any other accessory to a go-see event. Don’t let flashy jewellery overpower your natural look and take the spotlight off you.

Nailing It

Models are always being scrutinised for their physical appearance and that scrutiny includes both fingernails and toe nails. Nail art is popular, but again, keep your goal in mind. You want potential clients to see the real you. Get a manicure and pedicure before you attend a go-see event. Have your nails trimmed to a moderate length and choose neutral or pastel nail polish colours only. Avoid bright red colours and 10 inch nails at all costs.

You may only get one chance to impress and land on of the few highly coveted modeling jobs available around the world. Competition is fierce. You might get discouraged. You might think that all of the other model candidates at the go-see look fabulous and you don’t stand a chance. That’s not true, however. Remember your basics. Don’t let your outfit, makeup, hair or accessories distract from your own unique style. Create a lasting impression where you shine. When in doubt about what to wear, remember to KISS: Keep It Simple and Sleek.