Helping Yourself with Talent Management

Getting yourself out there!

Even though you may have secured representation with Models Direct, Talent Management, there is still a lot you can do to build your network and increase your exposure in your modelling career.  An agency is obviously there to promote you to clients using the contacts they have and finding new ones, but self promotion plays a big part in a models/actors/singers success also.
You don’t have to travel far to find opportunities to get your modelling career started and boost your confidence in front of the camera. Their are opportunities available to you all the time, you just have to be looking for them and be determined to make the best of the opportunities¬†you find.
  • Contact local advertising agencies and photographers to find out if they would be interested in seeing your look. If they are, pass the details on to us – your modelling agent will make contact and try to arrange a casting.
  • Introduce yourself to the fashion editor of your local paper. See if she/he has any modelling shoots coming up where models are needed and explain how you would love to be featured. There may be no fee but it is great experience for your modelling career, giving you some professional photographs and a brilliant start to your e-Portfolio and CV!
  • Introduce yourself to the managers of local charity shops, fashion boutiques and bridal or hire companies as a new model looking to gain further experience and see if they are will use you in their next fashion show. Again, there may be no fee involved, but it will give you a wealth of experience as a stepping stone in your modelling career. If it is a paid assignment, contact Models Direct to ensure that you get the best fee possible.
  • Build contacts with people locally to you who organise fashion shows, or local events that may require models. This may not be your end dream, but everyone has to start somewhere!

It is important to remember that the talent industry is incredibly competitive, whether you aspire to model, dance, sing or act, it takes great determination and persistence to succeed, no one will do it for you and your big break will not come knocking on your door one day, so stay focused and never give up!