Talent Management Tips To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Talent Management researchers have been looking into ways that you can really effect the appearance of cellullite longterm.

Talent Management anti-cellulite tips

If you’re a woman who suffers from cellulite you are one of the 90% of all women who are said to experience it at some point in their lives. Talent Management staff and models are no exception. So, we’ve been looking into ways that you can really improve the appearance of this unsightly problem longterm.

Before you can find a solution for cellulite you really need to understand what it is and why it appears the way it does. According to our researchers, cellulite consists of fat cells that have become trapped within fibres of inflexible supporting tissue. Tissues become inflexible due to poor supplies of oxygen and blood and, once trapped, fat cells give a lumpy or ‘orange-peel’ appearance to the skin in the affected area. The occurrence of cellulite is thought to be influenced by hormone levels, diet, toxin intake, lifestyle and genetic factors.

So, now we know what it is, what can be done about it? You’re bound to have heard of ‘miracle cures’ for cellulite but none of us here at TM have yet found one that completely eliminates it. However, there are some tricks and treatments that have been found to minimise the appearance of orange peel thighs and dimply bottoms. Here are a few, as recommended by our models and staff.

Toxins and diet

Toxins such as alcohol, cigarette smoke and caffeine may encourage the formation of cellulite. This is because they can cause restrictions in blood supply, worsening the condition. Likewise, your intake of salt and highly processed foods should be cut to a minimum. Salt is known to cause bloating and fluid retention, further exasperating the problem and highly processed foods often contain all kinds of additives (including more salt) which are thought to have a negative impact on the body – and of course your skin tone. Drinking plenty of water (preferably bottled or filtered) and increasing your wholegrain intake will help you to prevent water retention and flush toxins away.

Lifestyle and exercise

Though you can help to combat cellulite through a careful diet, alone it may not be enough to effectively lower body fat and improve skin tone. Exercise, massage, body brushing and various products and treatments can work alongside dietary changes to substantially improve the appearance of your problem areas.

These days there are some skin treatments designed specifically to break down fat deposits. Those that focus on heating and massaging the fat in affected areas can improve skin tone if used regularly. They work by breaking down or ‘melting’ fat back into the bloodstream where it can then be processed by the body and excreted. Of course you don’t need to go to the salon to test the effectiveness of manipulating and stimulating the skin – self-massage and body brushing are great alternatives. These techniques can be made a part of your daily routine quite easily and are inexpensive to try. There are also specialist tights and underwear on the market that work on the same principle, they may work for you and are worth a try if your cellulite is not too severe, as are ‘power plate’ workouts as part of your fitness programme.

Other favourite anti-cellulite diet tips; 

-Avoid saturated fat and increase your intake of lean meats and fish, pulses, fruit and vegetables.

-Add onions to your everyday diet, they help to release water from skin cells.

-Start every day with a glass of warm water and fresh lemon juice. This is a very effective way of flushing toxins from the body.

Talent Management researchers say that the key to reducing cellulite is to combine the above approaches and to stick with it for at least 4-6 weeks if you want to see results.