Watching Them Bloom: From Child Star To Grown Woman

One thing we love about child modelling agencies is that you get a really great record of your children as they grow up. Someone’s there who is way better with a camera than we are (unless you’re a professional photographer as well as a full time parent? We’re a bit impressed if you are), and they will get some truly amazing snaps. They won’t be quite as embarrassing as the ones that parents are likely to take as well – at least they won’t usually.

You can put together an album of the snaps you’ve got from child modelling agencies, and as you flick through the pages you’ll be able to relive the younger years, as well as some of the great times you’ve had on shoots with your little one. It’s so important to have a good record because memories can begin to fade if you’re not give a gentle reminder.

Emma Watson

We’ve been looking through photos of Emma Watson’s female modelling
career. She’s now so styled and graceful that she has been likened to 1930s film stars, but when she first appeared on our screens she was just 11, and some of her style choices may not have been hers – although if they aren’t it means there is a stylist out there somewhere who thought some of these outfits were okay. On second thoughts, let’s hope these were the fashion choices of an eleven year old and not those of an adult.

This red carpet number looks more than a little bit Robin Hood-esque, and we really don’t know why. Emma looks incredibly confident for an eleven-year-old wearing so many textures and shades of green.

Skip forward a few years to 2004, and Emma’s beginning to blossom. You can see the beautiful young film star really coming into her own. Her hair has calmed down a bit, and you can separate the actress from her portrayal of JK Rowling’s Hermione Granger. There were some awkward outfits to come, but who can honestly say they didn’t make more than one questionable outfit choices in their teen years?

These days Emma has embraced her natural English rose look. She’s got a massive acting profile and has managed to shake any type casting which she could have had to deal with after a film franchise as huge, global, and long running as Harry Potter was. She also proved that show business or education doesn’t need to be a choice by filming around her school work, taking a gap year in 2009. She studied at Brown and Oxford, and while she hasn’t completed her course in three years as is typical, she will be graduating this summer.

Many parents worry that signing up with child modelling agencies will put undue pressure on their children, and that they won’t enjoy the process. This isn’t necessary the case, and if they don’t, it’s really easy to leave. There’s no obligation, and if you or your child is ever not completely happy you can just walk away. There’s no pressure to attend auditions, and we’d encourage you to make sure these don’t interrupt your child’s school or social life.

It’s well known that child modelling can be a great way of getting into acting, and it’s been a starting point for many of your favourite actresses and actors. The two career paths share a lot of traits which is why you’ll often actresses working as models and vice versa.

Child modelling agencies should be fun first and foremost, and if you get great photos and a bit of pocket money for your little one then it’s just a bonus.