Best Ad Featuring A Baby Model Yet?

Could this be modelling agency Models Direct’s favourite advertisement featuring a baby model yet?

Could this be modelling agency Models Direct’s favourite advertisement featuring a baby model yet?

Over the last few months we have looked at advertisements featuring babies and children – for campaigns from Pampers to Evian, and the charm that baby models bring to advertising campaigns like these is undeniable. We have seen baby models, toddler models and child models featured in many imaginative and clever ways this year, but right now this viral advertisement for Rocksmith is a big favourite in the Models Direct office.

Rocksmith is a computer game similar to Guitar Hero but, unlike Guitar Hero, it is the only game of it’s kind where you can actually plug any electric guitar directly into your console. This advertisement has given the game immediate appeal with it’s ingenious editing and handheld style camera work which gives it a real home video feel – it makes the Evian campaign look almost amateur by comparison. The baby star is shown sitting at home on the sofa watching dad playing on Rocksmith. Dad then hands the guitar over and the baby proceeds to play along to ‘I Got Mine’, by The Black Keys, with all the subtlety and natural type of movement that you would expect to see from a professional guitarist.

Models Direct isn’t the only company to have noticed and loved this advertisement. Andy Nairn – chief strategic officer at Dare chose the advert as his ‘You Tube ad of the week’ on the Campaign Live website recently, where he told readers: “[Wish I’d thought of] using a baby to sell a pretty sophisticated musical game…the device is both relevant and inspired. Relevant because it communicates that the product is child’s play, and inspired because it has helped a late entry to a tired market feel new and exciting.”

As one of the UK’s leading adult, teen, child and baby modelling agencies we like to keep up to date with the coolest TV or You Tube campaigns and this is definitely a current favourite with us. Can you tell us about any great campaigns featuring child models that we have missed? If you can we would love to hear about them! Meanwhile, what do you think about this advert for Rocksmith?