4 Types of Male Modelling

When you think about male modelling you might have a very particular image in your head. Whether that’s the tall, willowy and androgynous men of the catwalk or super-toned fitness models like you’d expect to see in a Calvin Klein advert. Either way, if you don’t fit in that particular category you might have long given up on the concept of ever becoming a model.

There’s no need to give up on your dreams though, because there are more types of male modelling than you might have considered before, and it means that absolutely anyone can try their hand at it. The opinion we hold at talent management is that modelling shouldn’t be an elitist career because it doesn’t need to be. Yes it’s based on aesthetics, but marketing teams will need people with all sorts of different looks, and sometimes looking a little bit different from the stereotypical model will even help you.

So what are the other types of male modelling we speak of? Glad you asked! Because there’s more to the career than you might think, we’ve put together a little list for you to peruse at your leisure, and hopefully to sign up, have a go, and try something a little bit different today.

And these aren’t the only areas you can look at, but we’ve chosen some of the most popular and all-encompassing options out there.

Fashion modelling

This is what people tend to think of when the ‘m’ word gets thrown around. There’s really specific requirements about your height, build, right down to your weight and your measurements. That’s before we ever come to mention age. In case you’re wondering, this would be the 5’11 to 6’2 gentleman, who weighs between 140 to 165 pounds (depending on height). The clothing sizes are also pretty specific because when it comes to fashion, it’s easier if the clothes fit every model off the rail, rather than needing to be sized.

Fitness modelling

These are super toned, really muscly chaps who work very hard to maintain their physique. They will usually be used for sports related advertising campaigns. That could be anything from trainers to protein shakes or a gym. As your body will need to be at its physical peak you will need to get into a really good training routine as well as think carefully about your diet.

Parts modelling

You might have seen female hand modelling and not really considered that there is a male equivalent. The work is exactly the same in principle, although the requirements are slightly different. Whether you work in hand modelling or as a foot model, you will need that particular feature to be great. This usually means smooth and even skin tone, minimal (to no) scarring, and nothing too hairy. You’ll need to keep your best feature looking that way with regular pedicures or manicures as appropriate. Pretty much any body part is likely to be featured in a close up, but arms and stomachs are particularly popular parts for men.

Commercial modelling

This could be pretty much anything at all, from print advertisements to catalogues, television shows, trade shows and more. There are no requirements at all for a commercial model, and it’s what Models Direct and Talent Management focus on mostly. We provide people who can fill any role, from grandfathers to joggers, teen heartthrobs to body doubles. If you’re interested in getting into male modelling but you don’t fulfil a specific niche then this is likely to be where you should consider looking.

For more information, or if you’re looking to sign up for any area of modelling, then get in touch with Talent Management, we’re more than happy to help.