Child Model Advice From Parents After 6 Day Photo Shoot


Our baby models and child models were buzzing after their recent photo shoot with Educational Toy Company “Kit for Kids”, here’s what they had to say and some child model advice to anyone thinking about joining our Model Agency.

What did our mums and dads learn about child modelling from the photo shoot:

– “It was better than I expected, chilled out no stress :)” Heidi for Ava

– “We will definitely hope to do this again! Reasons being; 1. It is so much fun 2. For a bit of pocket money. Finally, I think joining an agency is a very good idea because I don’t think we would have found this wonderful opportunity without Talent Management. All in all, a wonderful morning was had by all of us.” Merlin for Logan

– “We were made to feel very comfortable and the photographer was great with Tobin, encouraging him to smile, laugh, and play.” Michael for Tobin

– “Lorestelle had so much fun on her first ever shoot! Although it was her first time and she may not have been as used to it as the other child models, I think she did brilliantly.” Billie-Jo for Lorestelle

– “All Theo has to do was play and smile! Prior to the shoot, Theo was really excited and when he arrived he was greeted by friendly people who understood how to interact with toddlers and instantly Theo felt at home and comfortable. His assignment has been a real success and boosted his confidence in being in the spotlight and looks forward to more modelling adventures!” Jodie for Theo

– “As a parent I really enjoyed the day and would like Nicole to take part in another assignment.” Magdalene for Nicole

– “Throughout the shoot Maddie grew with confidence and soon played up to her role in front of the camera.” Rachel for Maddie

– “I learnt from the experience that 2 year olds are perhaps a little too young to follow instructions on modelling assignments, however the photographer and Sharon were very understanding of this and at all times put the children’s needs first.” Georgia for Summer.

– “we really enjoyed watching Frank take to his modelling role.” Karolina for Frank

– “I think the experience has helped her gain confidence. Lexie is normally a little shy but she didn’t show any of this at the shoot.” Kylie for Lexie

“By the end of the assignment, it was difficult to get Uche to leave as he was having so much fun playing. For me, I enjoyed the experience of watching the children relate so easily and communicate by their actions.” Sarah for Uche

“The staff were fantastic and we were treated very well.” Sally for Oliver

“As parents we were very proud and pleased with the way everything was dealt with.” Freya for Lily

“I feel as a parent that I have learnt to allow him to be natural on a photo shoot and not to be a pushy parent. I just relaxed and observed the situation and really enjoyed the experience. Overall, today was lovely, friendly and professional which was everything I was hoping for.” Aimee for Jahziyah

“We felt really comfortable from the minute walked into the Kit for Kids warehouse. The team were warm, kind and smiley and they put all the parents at ease. Aamil start playing straight away, he didn’t felt shy or anything. It was such a fun day!” Ewelina for Aamil

“Amelia’s assignment with Kit for Kids was fun – she was very confident and enjoyed having her photo taken” Sam for Amelia

Top tips

Give them time to settle;

“It took a while for her to settle in at the venue. Bryony’s usually far from shy but on this occasion she clammed up a bit, possibly due to the unfamiliar surroundings. However, rather than go home straight away I thought I’d give Bryony half hour to try and familiarize herself, because I know how much she enjoys things once she gets stuck in.” Victoria for Bryony


“I was a bit nervous as my son is only 2 years old – I wasn’t sure if he would do as he was told! The staff were really helpful and soon put my mind at ease.” Stuart for Zachary

Helping yourself;

The only thing that we need to improve upon is updating Archie’s e-portfolio, so that he can appeal to more campaigns.” Gareth for Archie

Don”t panic

“He would join in briefly and then run back to me, but then the photographer developed a strategy to get him relaxed by asking him to press the flash button on the camera – which Uche really enjoyed! After lots of promptings and praises, Uche gradually began to relax and join in the play with the other kids.” Sarah for Uche

Lovely comments – Thanks you guys!
“Talent Management were very helpful and ensured all the required information was sent well in advance and answered any questions I had. Talent Management lived up to it’s reputation as being a great agency that finds jobs suited to their models’ needs and that is why I signed up in the first place.”

“I would certainly recommend Talent Management for any one looking to go into the industry. They match jobs to the right talent perfectly and have a very professional and friendly service. Theo was dealing with Molly who has been very helpful in answering any questions.”

“This was Maddie’s first job and without the Talent Management this would not of happened”

“I would definitely recommend joining up with Talent Management if you are interested in your child getting into the modelling industry. We have only been registered with Talent Management for a month and already completed our first assignment. We look forward to our next shoot.

“I would most certainly recommend Talent Management to others as I feel they provided my son with a great opportunity and we will soon have some great shots for his portfolio, which will help him gain more modelling work. I am looking forward to my son being placed on further assignments as he enjoyed his first experience immensely.”

“We were really pleased with the interaction with Molly at Talent Management, she gave lots of information and fully explained how to obtain the performance license etc. I would definitely recommend signing up with Talent Management as they will put you forward for exciting jobs, as well as provide you with all relevant information and advice if needed.”

“Thank you Talent Management for this wonderful opportunity!”

“I would definitely recommend joining Talent Management to others so they can also be given opportunities to meet new people, enjoy new experiences and learn new skills. I am happy that my two children are signed to this agency and that bookings have started to pick up for them after a year of being on the books. I signed my boys up on a whim, just to see how they would get on (as well as them being beautiful, photogenic and social!). New experiences such as this will be a huge benefit to them in the future and of course earning money is a bonus!”

“I have already advised all of my friends with children to apply for a contract Talent Management because I think it’s really important to give your kids a head start in life – even if it’s not the path they wish to take in the future, they will have some great memories! I signed my son up with Talent Management because I wanted him to try different activities (modelling, football, swimming etc) as this will keep his career options open when he grows.”

And finally, what did our client Sharon at Kit for Kids say?

“I would definitely use you again for further photo shoots as the service I have received was brilliant. A big thank you to Molly and other members of the team who have helped throughout the process.

There were some models that took to it straight away, real naturals in front of the camera. Others needed longer to warm up as they were shy or didn’t want to leave their parents sides. After playing and relaxing into the different environment, all the models did really well. Overall we were pleased with the model selection we had.”

If you would like to be considered for work with Talent Management modelling agency you can apply via our website. Alternatively if you are a client with a shoot coming up and you would like to book our baby and child models you can call our booking team on 0844 334 0000, or fill in a model request form at