Models Direct Reviews London Fashion Week’s Worst

Models Direct reviews some of the fashion faux pas’ that were seen around London Fashion Week this year

The Daily Mirror's 'London Fashion Week Freaks'
The Daily Mirror’s ‘London Fashion Week Freaks’

Models Direct loves some of 2013’s fashion must-haves. We’ve blown away the cold days with brights, gone girly with florals and shown our more daring sides with leather, bold stripes and cutout dresses.

But what captured our attention most at London Fashion Week 2013 had nothing to do with ‘minimal lines’ or ‘layered textures’. What we couldn’t take our eyes off were the crowds and some of their unusual interpretations of this years trends. From amusing to downright terrifying it seems that wigs, hats and masks were the items of choice with visitors to the event.

The image above was featured in yesterday’s Daily Mirror. What do you think of the choices of these fashionistas? Models Direct reviews them below:

We’re not quite sure what kind of statement the first ‘trendsetter’ is trying to make with what appears to be a real fur (complete with head) and bright yellow hair piece. The hair looks like it would be more at home on the tail of a well-loved My Little Pony, and fur should always be faux or it’s just not cool!

Trendsetter number two provides another dreadful wig example, along with a questionable eye-patch and white stick combo. We’ll go with the bomber jacket, as for the rest, we can only assume they got dressed after applying the eye-patch.

Number three should know better, this is designer Tolis Skoulariotis. Again – minus the bizarre leather plaits – the bomber could be acceptable, and yes, brights and prints are big news for 2013 but, well…really??

Neons have made a fun comeback this year and can make a playful addition to your summer outfit, but this cyber-punk 80s throwback chick is not offering a great example of how to wear them. We do, however, love seeing small flashes of neon in jewellery items (Topshop do some great ones).

What can we say about outfit number five? Speechless.

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