Child Model Jessica Soon Got Into The Swing Of Things!

Talent Management Child Model Jessica - Headshot
Talent Management Child Model Jessica – Headshot

Talent Management child model Jessica was selected by Medmerry park to play a part in one of their video advertisements. We caught up with her mum Lorna to find out how she got on…

“Today was all filmed and there was no audio needed, we were under the impression that it was for photographic work so it was a nice surprise for Jessica that she could play a part. She said she was a little nervous beforehand, but she soon got into the swing of things and was relaxed in no time.

“She loved every minute playing the youngest child in a family having a great time in the Holiday Village, around the house, eating in the restaurant, enjoying a picnic, time on the terrace, on the beach and in the swimming pool. Great fun! Also as a result of today’s assignment at Medmerry Park I would really like to hire one of the chalets for a week, it was a really lovely quiet place to be.

“It’s so much fun, playing the part or whatever is needed of you, for kids it teaches them social skills that they wouldn’t otherwise learn until they were out working in the real world. Jessica has had two other jobs with ‘Babies R Us’ and ‘Clarks’ and is now earning money for her account that can be put towards her first car or house in the future. The bottom line is if she didn’t enjoy doing it then I wouldn’t accept the job on her behalf.

“I didn’t know we could view jobs and put our name forward for them so I will be doing that in the future – we are also allowed to have some footage of today’s work so I will be adding that to Jessica’s e-portfolio.

“What made me join Talent Management? That’s easy – every mother thinks they have a really lovely child and I am no different! I also did modelling for ‘Lady Bird’ when I was younger and made a pretty penny doing so. I just think it’s such an experience and wonderful learning curve for them – they get to build their confidence, travel and see the world and earn money for their account doing so. One of my colleagues has joined both her two children to Talent Management off the back of my recommendation.”

If you think your child would make a great model and you would like them to be considered for work with Talent Management you can apply on their behalf via our website Alernatively if you are looking to book one of our child models please call us on 01603 895095 or fill our one of our model enquiry forms here.