Talent Management Child Models Make Friends For Life On Cotswold Assignment

Talent Management Child Models Luca, Myleigh and Erin
Talent Management Child Models Luca, Myleigh and Erin

Cotswold Outdoors contacted us last month looking for three Talent Management child models for a three day assignment (Sat 31st Aug, Sun 1st Sep & Mon 2nd Sep 2013) in Cardigan, Wales. They chose three of our child models – Myleigh, Erin and Luca for the photo-shoot which was shot outdoors in the beautiful countryside. They will be using the final images in their new autumn/winter catalogue.

We couldn’t wait to hear what Myleigh, Erin and Luca got up to over the weekend on their shoot… luckily Erin’s mum Shani let us know straight away: “The actual assignment took place in an outdoors setting for three days, which had the children in a beautiful field setting with tents, kite flying and a picnic.

“On the second day they were taken down by the river for canoeing, fishing and another picnic then the third day was spent on a beautiful beach where they had pictures taken of them hiking and then splashing and playing in the sea.”

It looks like our child models Myleigh, Erin and Luca not only had a great time over the weekend on their assignment, but also made friends for life with each other. Erin’s mother Shani told us: “Erin was very excited to receive the call from Molly at Talent Management to say she had been selected for the Cotswold Outdoor photo shoot.

“As this was her first assignment she was a little nervous to begin with, but within an hour of being there she was made to feel totally at ease. She worked with two other child models from Talent Management – Myleigh and Luca, who she got on with really well with and are now friends for life.”

This was also Luca’s first assignment and his mum Janni told us: “Luca was a little nervous before we got there, but as soon as we met everybody he was totally at ease. He had a great time and met some nice new friends. He loved being on the river and he had a “fab” day at the beach. He would love to it again as he really enjoyed himself. The crew were fantastic – so kind and brilliant with the kids. Thank you Talent Management for letting him be a part of this.”

One model that wasn’t nervous though was Myleigh, as this was her second assignment with Talent Management. The pretty 6-year-old had her first assignment for Snazaroo in July 2013 and was quickly snapped up again for this job for Cotswold Clothing. Myleigh’s mum Sam said: “This was an adventure for our daughter as we’re based in Plymouth so the client provided us with accommodation and food for our stay.

“Myleigh had so much fun and especially enjoyed the beach and piggy backs with her model ‘mum’ and ‘dad’. This wasn’t like a job at all – the children laughed and smiled not because they had to, but because it was the natural thing to do whilst you’re having the time of your life!

“The experiences she has taken from this is amazing, it certainly brought out the wilderness girl in her I didn’t know existed! Myleigh flew kites, canoed, played hopscotch, and sang around a campfire… but most of all enjoyed herself and made new friends.

“The decision to put Myleigh forward for Modelling is by far the best choice we have made for her. The fun and experience she is picking up along the way are sure to give her the best start in life and she is earning money at the same time. Talent Management have been very supportive of Myleigh and we thank you.”

Sam also sent us some pictures she took behind the scenes on the day – it looked like they all had tons of fun… and what a beautiful location!

If you think that your child could be a model like Myleigh, Erin or Luca you can apply on our website – where you’ll also find a range of information on modelling, acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music, designed to help you when choosing a model agency.