Talent Management Delighted To See Success Of Model Family The Phillips’

Talent Management agency has been delighted to see Britain’s favourite model family doing so well lately…

Talent Management
Talent Management is delighted for Britain’s favourite model family

Talent Management agency has been delighted to see Britain’s favourite model family doing so well lately. This week their success was highlighted in numerous papers, including the Daily Mail, Mirror and Express.

So, meet Jason (41) Michelle (30) Louis (15) Luca (5) Cobie (3) and 10-month-old Evie Philips. Feel you already know them? That’s not surprising. Even if you haven’t noticed the recent stories about their many modelling successes, you may have seen them in any number of magazine and newspaper adverts for, well, practically everything!

With their wholesome looks, this Welsh family of six has been selected to promote holidays, confectionary, mortgage deals, cars, coffee and pharmaceuticals – the list goes on. At last count they had appeared in literally hundreds of ads.

The Phillips’ have worked everywhere from Majorca to the Maldives and currently earn up to £6,000 for every assignment – which they gain approximately eight times per month. “We’re just enjoying ourselves, and as parents giving our children the best start to life with a secure financial future,” explains Dad.

“’We make sure they invest it properly and our eldest Louis has been able to buy a flat with it for when he grows up.”

The key to the Phillips’ success is that advertisers are very keen to use genuine family members on advertisements featuring families. ‘Real family’ chemistry is so much more convincing than that achieved by putting strangers together – and companies that the Phillips’ have worked for obviously understand this. To date they include such giants as Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, Haven, Hoseasons, Thomson, Disney, Cadbury, Audi and Mercedes.

If you’re wondering how it all started we can reveal that Mr Phillips began modelling as a teen, and later decided to involve his wife and children. He clearly has no regrets: “It’s the easiest job in the world, the money’s fantastic, I travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth with my family and I enjoy every part of it.

“[We all] enjoy doing it together and it is so rewarding as a family. We are like a Welsh version of the Waltons – only very grounded. My children have been doing shoots since they were in the womb.”

Long may it continue!

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