Talent Management Agency Model Francis Shares His Experience

Talent Management agency really values it’s feedback and in the case of male model Francis, even more than usual…

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Talent Management male model Francis

Talent Management agency really values it’s feedback and in the case of male model Francis, even more than usual. In fact, on reading what he had to say about his experience on a recent assignment TM bloggers felt that he would make as good a writer as he has a model. Here is his story:

“After a small hiatus of just forty (yes, folks –  FOUR OH!) years it was good to be back in the modelling saddle again on Tuesday. I had just about given up hope of getting a job as I signed up with TM ages ago, but everything comes…as they say.

“Although the assignment was about 150 miles from where I live, as luck would have it, it was near my sister’s, so I was able to stay with her the night before. With only a little Satnav guidance I found the venue easily enough, and was glad to arrive bang on time – at what turned out to the (rather beautiful) home of the photographer, Andrew, who had a studio set-up in his basement.

“To say I was nervous would be an exaggeration, but stepping into an unknown situation and meeting new people always feels a mite tricky. However, Colin and Rachel, from the marketing company, made their friendly introductions and put names to faces and explained who was who and what the job entailed. Before this, I only knew I was to be ‘a doctor’ and their would be a female ‘patient’, but that was about all. To amuse the others, I brought along a photo of a shoot I’d done back in 1971 when I’d last posed as a doctor – a very junior and more hairy one than now.

“My ‘patient’ turned out to be Jenny, who was expecting her A level results this week, so was very much in the grand-daughter category in relation to my advanced age. This was her first ever job, so I felt doubly the old soldier, and determined to try and help to make her feel at ease. He mum was with her, reading Jane Austen to pass the hours of waiting.

“The product turned out to a new range of asthma inhalers, and we were to pose for shots to be used in the promotional material in the Europe-wide launch due later this year. One can’t help but be a little impressed that one’s image is going to distributed around so widely – but our heads were soon brought back to earth when we saw that the product was going to be very much in the foreground of the shots and our images would appear, very blurrily in the background! Still, no matter, a job’s a job and we’re not doing this for our own self-aggrandisement. At least we felt that this product might improve the lot of many thousands of asthma-sufferers – my youngest son among them.

“Jenny and I were perched on a couple of bar-stools in front of a mock-up of a typical GP desk, and instructed NOT to bump into the scenery, which was very precariously erect! (I nearly blotted my copy-book a little while into the session, when I put a hand on the bench to shift my position on the stool, and the whole lot wobbled as in an earthquake, nearly giving the photographer a heart-attack!)

“So, the shoot started, with Jenny and I being asked to move a hair up or down or to one side or the other, and we worked through the six different products in the range. This took a painstaking few hours, with a break for coffee, and later, lunch. (Incidentally, despite being advised to bring our own tucker, we found that this was kindly provided by the client.)

“Really, one has to become like one of Nick Park’s little plasticine models of Wallace or Grommit, and surrender one’s mind and body to be manipulated as the photographer and director want. I think a model needs to go very much with their flow and listen very carefully to instructions and not make any suggestions of their own unless the moment is exactly right. This might imply that there is minimal scope for creativity as a model – that one is like paint or brushes to an artist, and this is largely true, especially if one is new to the game. One also has to be prepared to be thick-skinned if one picks up comments when the shots are being picked over to select the best. One can sense if one’s efforts are being appreciated and most photographers and directors are good at encouraging and acknowledging  – one usually knows if they’re happy with one’s modelling.

“One major innovation since I last modelled is of course the use of digital photography and the opportunity it gives to assess each shot instantly on a laptop screen. However, although this may make things more immediate (and I guess more economical) it doesn’t mean that models don’t have to concentrate and give of their best. Time is still money and no technology can compensate for uninspired posing – a word which in itself is more often the butt of humour, but which anybody involved in the business knows is the very essence of the exercise.

“At one point, when Jenny was flagging a bit, I  whispered to her “This is the easiest money you’ll ever earn” Not really true in one sense (see above) but she got the point…

“After several hours, our task completed to the satisfaction of Andrew, Colin and Rachel, we all went our separate ways, possibly never to meet again. But, as anybody who has been involved in any kind of creative endeavour knows, one feels an instant sense of camaraderie in these situations, and a little sense of loss when it’s time to say goodbye. In fact, because I was needed for some solo shots, I never got to say goodbye to Jenny, my fellow model  – which I regretted, as I wanted to wish her success in life – with her A level results, her ambition to go to university, and of course any modelling she does in the future. But she might just read this.

“Why did I seek to revive my modelling career? Not just for the money, not just because (I confess!) I’m a natural show-off – more because it thrusts one into new and completely varied little adventures and gives one encounters that often linger long in the memory. Here’s looking forward to the next one!”

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