Models Direct Asks “Is Calling A UK Size 12 ‘Plus-size’ Offensive To ‘Average’ Women?”

Is calling a UK size 12 ‘plus-size’ offensive to the ‘average’ woman, or fair comment? Models Direct would love to hear your opinions…

Models Direct Asks "Is Calling A UK Size 12 'Plus-size' Offensive?"
Models Direct Asks “Is Calling A UK Size 12 ‘Plus-size’ Offensive?”

Stunning plus-size model Robyn Lawley has set a lot of tongues wagging this month – in both positive and negative ways. Models Direct agency staff love her new swimwear collection – particularly this high waisted bikini design in an aqua blue – gorge! But a lot of people are questioning her ‘plus-size’ status…

Lawley is a UK size 12 which is considered plus-size in the modelling world, but for many women the label is actually an insult as to them, as they view her as being ‘normal’ size. Following the launch of her new line of glam swimwear for ‘curvy’ ladies, here were some of the top best rated responses:

“Oh, please! Plus size my butt!”

“US size 8 is a UK 12. Can’t believe that is considered plus size.”

“Plus size, really?!?!”

“Curvy my bum! She’s slim and gorgeous! That is complete false advertising!”

“She’s plus size? She’s gorgeous and has a GREAT figure …plus size?”

“Lovely cozzies, where is she plus size though? She looks perfect to me. This plus size business has become ridiculous…plus size should be from size 20 upwards.”

“This woman is considered plus size? On what planet? That is so ridiculous. I’m a size 6 (American) and she doesn’t look more than a size 10 – which is hardly plus size. Something is wrong with people if they are being fed this hooey and believe it.”

“Normal size I think they mean.”

Others disagreed with this viewpoint, with comments like:

“‘Normal size I think they mean’ – Nope, just because people are bigger it doesn’t make it normal. She may be of average size in today’s society but she is not ‘normal’ size. Sadly we are skewing what is normal to suit the current trend.”

“So basically… no big deal. Just continue to stay at an unhealthy weight, never attempt to lose it because bigger sizes will be made available for all. Let’s just accept that sizes 14 and over are ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’.”

“She would be stunning if she lost some weight…she’s just fat.”

What do you think? Is calling a UK size 12 plus-size offensive, or fair comment? Models Direct would love to hear your opinions.