Talent Management Reviews Stretch Mark Solutions

Writers at Talent Management Reviews have made it our business to find out more about possible stretch mark solutions

Stretch marks can affect men or women and occur for a number of reasons, including body changes around puberty, pregnancy, or in association with bodybuilding. If you have stretch marks like many of the models and staff here at Talent Management, you may be wondering what can be done to improve their appearance. Writers at Talent Management Reviews have made it our business to find out more about possible solutions…

Stretch marks often first appear as purple or red coloured lines. Though they can be unsightly if they develop in visible areas, they are completely harmless and generally diminish to slim silvery scars over time over a period of 6 months to a year. The appearance of stretch marks can vary depending on skin type and some will disguise them better than others. The most commonly areas affected are the breasts, abdomen, back, upper arms, hips, buttocks and thighs.


It may not be possible to prevent stretch marks altogether but keeping the skin as moisturised and supple as possible during times of body change can help keep them to a minimum. Studies suggest that creams containing ingredients such as vitamin E, collagen, panthenol and elastin are associated with the appearance of fewer stretch marks when used during periods of weight gain. However, if you are considering using a moisturiser or oil as a preventative during pregnancy, always check that it is recommended for use during pregnancy before applying.


Treatments designed to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks include retinoid based creams (for recent scarring), dermabrasion, laser techniques and surgery such – as the tummy tuck. Surgery is a dramatic step and should be considered very carefully, as should laser and dermabrasion treatments. Be sure that you go to a reputable practitioner if you decide that any of these treatments are for you.

Creams and oils will give a less dramatic improvement but some are said to work well at minimising stretch mark scarring. You may wish to try bio-oil which has had some very positive reviews. Bio-oil is a blend of vitamin A and E oils with rosemary, lavender, chamomile and calendula added. So, if you prefer to make up your own blend these ingredients may be worth considering. It is important to use any chosen oil or moisturising treatment regularly – at least once day and over a sustained period – in order to get the best results. Please note that you should never use aromatherapy oils during your pregnancy.


Aside from prevention and treatment there are various ways to disguise stretch marks. The simplest way is with fake tanning products and airbrush style spray body make-ups such as Sally Hansen’s ‘Airbrush Legs’ which is available from most chemists for around £10.