Talent Management Agency Dog Model Selected For ‘Pets At Home’ Assignment!

Talent Management agency dog model Monazor recently enjoyed an exciting assignment with the UK’s best known and loved chain of pet shops ‘Pets At Home’…

Talent Management agency dog model Monazor on 'Pets at Home' shoot
Talent Management agency dog model Monazor on ‘Pets at Home’ shoot

Talent Management agency dog model Monazor recently enjoyed an exciting assignment with the UK’s best known and loved chain of pet shops ‘Pets At Home’, and we couldn’t be more proud of him! Here’s a sneaky peek of a contact sheet from the day, where he can be seen modelling a new car harness. Our gorgeous star pooch did an amazing job, earning himself some pocket money and delighting his owner. Read what she had to say about the pet modelling assignment below.

“As the owner of a fabulously obedient and clever pet I was not at all nervous before the shoot, but even if I had been it would not have lasted long! The client/company couldn’t have done more to welcome us and make us feel at home. There were unlimited amounts of tea and coffee, delicious sandwiches, wraps and cakes, and they even took the dogs out for a walk!

“The most enjoyable part of the assignment was working with the team to understand what they required for the shoot, and of course, working with Monazor to achieve the brief. The assignment involved modelling car travel products; safety harnesses and a car boot cover. Monazor was required to lie in various body and head positions to show off the products at their best.

“I definitely completed the day with the confidence to work again and my faith in Monazor was confirmed. I would certainly recommend doing this to anyone who enjoys their dog and has time to do it. It’s a great experience for both the pet and the handler and I would recommend joining an agency. I have not been very proactive in looking for work and could personally do more to improve Monazor’s e- portfolio. I am hoping the fabulous photographs taken by this wonderful photographer will do just that!

“My reason for joining up was the faith in my dog to be able to achieve anything he’s required to do – as he has skills in doggy dancing, agility and obedience. Talent Management advertised at just the right time. So I joined up!”

So, if you’re interested in getting your pet into modelling, like Pat has with Monazor, you can apply at Talent Management’s dedicated modelling site Models Direct, where you’ll also find a range of information on pet modelling designed to help you when choosing a model agency.

If you’re interested in booking our new Talent Management Monazor for an assignment you have coming up, get in touch with Talent Management’s booking agents, quoting his model ref number ‘Z559548′, on 0844 334 0000 or fill in a model request form at www.talentmanagement.com/talent-hire.