What is Commercial Modelling?

Commercial models are featured in print and on TV. What is Commercial Modeling

It is probably the best paid, regular work if you can get your foot in the door. Models can name their prices if the client really wants them. If you want to make it as a fashion model you really do have to be flexible. You have to be dedicated and willing to centre your whole life on making it in this industry.

You might have to work unconventional schedules and you will need to travel on a regular basis. Learning how to handle criticism and rejection is imperative. Even the best models in the world get rejected because they don’t suit the feel of a female modelling campaign.

Learning how to take the word ‘no’ can often be the key to making it in this industry.

This industry is also a lot less strict when it comes to overall look and body type. There are no set height restrictions or body types in place, and women with more of a generic look will find a good degree of work in the commercial industry. Nonetheless, you do need to have the ability to act and an outgoing personality is important as well. This is because you will often be required to play different roles depending on the advertisements you are placed in and thus you need to have the ability to convey these roles effectively. The truth is, commercial modelling is much more versatile and there are a lot more opportunities. You are also likely to make a lot more money as well. Female modelling runway shows don’t tend to pay great amounts, unless they are big events for major designers. However, you can make a decent income from commercial modelling.

One of the benefits associated with commercial modelling is the fact that this can be a long-term career. The same cannot be said for fashion modelling, whereby a lot of modelling agencies do not accept anyone over the age of 25 years old. However, when it comes to commercial modelling you can get work no matter whether you are 26 years old or 60 years old. Products, services and such like are catered to different target consumer groups, which is why age does not matter anywhere near as much when it comes to commercial modelling.