Models Direct Review: Style Tips For Male Models

If you’d like some help finding fashions to flatter, read on for our Models Direct review of style tips for men.

Models Direct review style tips for men
Models Direct review style tips for men

Few men, even male models, are blessed with the ‘perfect’ frame. No matter whether you’re tall, short, skinny or carrying a few extra pounds, it can be tricky to find clothing that makes the most of your body type.

So, if you find clothes shopping a bit of a minefield and would like some help finding fashions to flatter, read on for our Models Direct review of style tips for men.


If you’re a little heavier than you’d like, there are ways of dressing that will help you to appear smaller. First of all, turtlenecks and large prints are to be avoided as they will draw attention to your upper half. Also, according to research published in The Guardian, horizontal stripes – as apposed to vertical ones as previously believed – will give the impression of a more slimline physique.

Dark colours and single or similar-coloured outfits will also slim your silhouette.
If you feel too macabre or formal in black, you can try alternatives such as dark grey, navy or brown. Another tip is to break up your outfit with a belt, which will give the impression of a slimmer waist.

The cardinal rule for anyone carrying a few extra pounds is to wear clothes that fit well. Trousers and tops that are too small are obviously unflattering, but attempting to hide your body in overly large sizes is also a big mistake and will just make you appear larger.

Tall and skinny

Tall, skinny men are likely to encounter their own problems when it comes to fashion. As a tall man, you will no doubt have problems finding shirts and trousers that are long enough for you, so try clothes designed specifically for taller frames. Many clothing shops include ‘Big and Tall’ ranges that will cater for your body shape.

When it comes to trousers, straight or boot-cut trousers with a long inseam will flatter the tall, slim male frame most, and don’t be tempted to buy shirts in larger sizes to fit your arm length as they will just be too big around the torso, making you seem lankier. Try to find fitted shirts instead.

Tall, skinny men may find that breaking up their outfit by wearing lighter coloured tops will make them seem bulkier.


Height for short men can obviously be added by the shoes that you wear. Now, we aren’t suggesting you borrow your girlfriend’s stilettos, but a heeled dress shoe will help to boost your height. This can also be disguised by a longer trouser leg.

Accessories such as ties, hats and scarves can be worn to draw attention to your upper body and face, meaning people are less likely to notice how tall you are. Ties should be kept slim.

When it comes to clothing, wear trousers with a small rise (the distance between the crotch and waistband of your trousers) to help elongate your body. Avoid large prints and shop around for clothes that fit properly.