How To Become A Fitness Model

Male Modelling

Fitness modelling is a really good way to promote fitness and positive body image through health rather than diet. It is something you’ll really have to work at, and it isn’t for everyone. It requires motivation and regular gym trips and a whole heap of dedication. There are a lot of fit and healthy people out there who’ll be interested in trying to make a career out of their looks. To compete, you’ll have to stand out as more than just someone with great muscle tone. When you start out you’ll want to look at agencies which specialise in, or have a fitness modelling department.  

Full time career or part time hobby?

To carve a worthwhile career out of fitness modelling can be exceedingly challenging. As a result, many men who register for male modelling use it as a career supplement rather than their main source of income. It is the perfect complement to a career which already requires a lot of physical activity. Gym instructors, PE teachers, bodybuilders and even manual labourers. Generally you’ll need to maintain a consistent body size and shape. Your muscles will need to be defined, and your hair, teeth and skin should all reflect good health.

Keeping yourself in great shape can feel like a full time job all of itself. Your body is your asset, and if it isn’t in good shape you won’t get much work.

What will you be promoting?

Male Modelling

Most often you’ll be advertising products which are very specifically to do with health, be that protein bars or shakes, sports cloths and drinks or fitness magazines. You might even find work appearing as one of the ‘class’ in a fitness video. Occasionally you might also work outside of the fitness industry in more general modelling roles. You could also work within modelling agencies as a fitness parts model, in which case you would want to focus your attention around that particular area, like your legs or abs.

Setting yourself apart

Even if you’ve worked in male modelling previously, you don’t necessarily have the tone to work in the fitness circuit. With a bit of hard work, anyone can look great. Regular exercise and eating right will help improve your skin as well as your physique. It’s important to get enough sleep, and allow time to recover between exercise sessions. A strain from not warming up properly can prevent further exercise and impact work as a result.

Other than keeping your appearance top notch, there are other ways you can make yourself stand out. These tips are true for all models – and actually just generally for any career.

Be polite

You’ll find the same people work within the same areas of the industry, and you’re likely to meet the same people time and time again. If you don’t work hard or you come across badly, you’re unlikely to find work again easily. People talk, and your bad reputation will spread like wildfire.

Turning up promptly is good manners, and will ensure the shoot can be run smoothly and to the tight deadlines which are often set.

Follow direction

Take guidance and you’re likely to do well. For your first jobs at least you’ll certainly need some instruction to look the best you can. Even when you’ve worked hard and been involved with male modelling for a while and you feel like you’re quite experienced, you still won’t be directing the shoot so you’ll need to keep doing what you’re told!Keep your profile up to date

Keep your profile up to date

Recent photos as well as measurements are important for fitness as well as general male modelling profiles. A lot of people who complain that they don’t get as much work as they would like haven’t updated their profile in a long time. It’s difficult for your agency or marketers to ensure you’re the right build for a particular job if you don’t have recent pictures.

If you’re interested in becoming a fitness model, sign up with some modelling agencies today, and you can begin your path into a new career.