Talent Management Modelling Review From Cancer Awareness Model

Talent Management modelling isn’t just about fashion and advertising. We also get requests for models for quite unusual or unique work…

Talent Management modelling recruit Freya
Talent Management modelling recruit Freya

Talent Management modelling isn’t just about fashion and advertising. We often get requests for models for quite unusual or unique work which can give the model unexpectedly positive experiences. When Freya was asked to model for a PR campaign raising awareness around skin cancer we were very interested to hear how she got along and what she gained form the assignment. This is what she had to say about her day:

“I was so happy when Talent Management confirmed to me that I had got the job. I was really excited but also so nervous. On the day, there was a few times when I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I sucked it up and obviously I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this go to waste! I absolutely loved being a part of the assignment, and I would be honoured to be a part of it again.

“The assignment involved being at St Potter’s Field Park in London at 7:30am for a PR campaign to raising awareness about the dangers of skin cancer. The client was Positive Communications on behalf of La Roche Possay. I was instructed that I would be made up to look like I had severely sun damaged skin on one side of my face. My make up was all done in public, so passers by could see. There were two other models as well who showed the dangers of skin cancer and the scars left after surgery to remove the tumours. As well as doing a number of photo-shoots for various companies, we were able to actually have an active part in promoting awareness.

“The most enjoyable part of the assignment was being able to actually make a difference. I spoke to many people during the day and gave them the opportunity to have a free consultation with a dermatologist about any moles they had been worried about, but hadn’t necessarily got checked out.

“I gained a lot more confidence due to this assignment, as I had to look like I had sun damaged skin for the entire day and had to deal with many people giving me awkward looks. Some passers-by actually asked me if it was real, others gave me sympathetic looks and some school children walking by made negative comments. It was such an insight as to what it actually must be like. It proved to me that I have more self confidence than I originally thought, as I believe it has to take someone who is very self-assured to be able to look like that and deal with the repercussions for a day.

“I would absolutely recommend the experience to anyone who wants to have the opportunity to do things that they otherwise may not have been able to!

“I’m so glad I joined this agency as it has opened many doors for me. Even though this was only my first job I would say joining was worth it just based on this experience! I decided to join an agency as it is something I have always wanted to do, and because of it many opportunities have come my way – it’s just an added bonus that you also get paid!”

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