Talent Management Agency Reviewed By Mother Of Baby Model

Talent Management agency is regularly reviewed by our working models, here’s what 1 year old Radisson’s mum had to say about her experience with us so far..

Talent Management baby model Radisson
Talent Management baby model Radisson

Talent Management agency is regularly reviewed by our working models so we were pleased to hear from Radisson’s mum Farhana on how she felt his day went while recently working on a baby modelling assignment:

“It was amazing to be a model for the first time. Radisson was not nervous at all. He had so much fun with the team as they were very friendly and gave him enough breaks including time to have a little nap. They were very patient with my baby. The shoot took place indoors and outdoors so Radi was safe when he was riding the bike.

“We were asked which day and what time was good for us, then Talent Management contacted the client to let them know our availability. Every part was so enjoyable that my son didn’t feel like he was with strangers or modelling for the first time, and on the lunch break food and drink was provided.

“The assignment was a maternity bra advert. It showed Radi playing with his toys with his mum indoors, out in the park with the buggy and riding on the bike with his mum. He was so excited as he was on bike seat with a helmet on and he gained confidence. Radi will be more relaxed for future jobs as a result. It was a fantastic experience for us and we will be sharing it with others so they will know that it’s fun, and really not very hard to find a job.
“We strongly recommend Talent Management to start your modelling career as this agency will give you first preference of what is suitable for you – not just force you to take something. It’s good to join an agency for modelling because of issues around health and safety, personal security and to get advice how to do things.

“It is important that you keep updating your e-portfolio to get more jobs as Talent Management is one of the most popular agencies in UK and they have a lot of clients, and help a lot of new models to get jobs to kick start their careers. You are allocated a personal advisor so you know who you need to talk when you unsure about something. We are looking forward to our next job!”

If you think modelling is something that you, your child or baby would enjoy, why not apply at Talent Management agency? We provide information and advice on modelling, acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music, on the Talent Management website which is designed to help you whatever your talent.

If you’re a photographer with an assignment coming up and you think that Radisson may be right for the job simply contact Talent Management’s booking team on 0844 334 0000, quoting his model reference number ‘BU602677’ or fill in a model request form at www.talentmanagement.com/talent-hire.