Models Direct: Japanese Model Undergoes Surgery To Look ‘Like A Doll’

Last year Models Direct blogged about plastic surgery rivals ‘Barbie’ and ‘Ken’, this year there’s a new ‘doll model’ on the block…

Human 'French doll' Japanese model Vanilla Chamu
Human ‘French doll’ Japanese model Vanilla Chamu

Some readers of the Talent Management blog will remember a Models Direct story about plastic surgery rivals ‘human Barbie’ and ‘human Ken’ that was featured earlier in the year.

The pair had undergone extensive cosmetic procedures in order to appear like living dolls but were not fans of eachother, following fall-outs based on criticisms of one-another’s ‘look’ – you can read more here: Models Direct: Valeria Lukyonova ‘The Human Barbie’ Is Back, & Feuding With Human Ken!

But it seems that this disturbing and extraordinary model phenomenon is no longer limited to them. A new ‘human doll’ has surfaced this month – Japanese model Vanilla Chamu.

Chamu says that childhood bullying led her to begin altering her appearance when she was just 19 years old and that she has since undergone over 30 cosmetic interventions at a cost of more than £650,000 since. Her look of choice is that of a ‘French doll’ so she has endured skin lightening, lash and breast implants, nose jobs, liposuction and dimple creation among other procedures in order to try to achieve it.

According to translated interviews she has told reporters that she was a ‘very ugly’ child and that she wanted to look like a doll because ‘no-one said the doll was ugly’. But Chamu doesn’t particularly resemble a French doll right now – she is currently a busty redhead with purple eyes.

What do you think of these ‘human dolls’?