Talent Management Modelling Review From ChiChi On Her Job With FIFA

Talent Management model ChiChi
Talent Management model ChiChi

In February FIFA got in touch with our model bookers to book 16 of our models for their FIFA 2014 World Cup campaign and we couldn’t wait to hear the feedback from our models on how it went. This Talent Management modelling review by our female model Chi-Chi shows just how much fun she had on the shoot and she also gives some great advice to aspiring models.

“It felt great being a model for FIFA. One of the most enjoyable parts was trying on all the different outfits. We were put in groups and wore different colours amongst ourselves and we were asked to scream and shout “yeah” and “goal” to show our excitement and happiness to be at the football match.

“I improved my acting skills and became more confident about making faces and expressions. I would definitely recommend this experience to a lot of people as it helps you as an individual in many ways to build confidence levels and professional skills.

“My advice to any aspiring models / actors would be to believe in yourself and go for what you want, if you believe runway is where your heart is – focus on it, the same applies to commercial modelling and every other talent opportunity you may have.

“Joining an agency is great as they constantly find you work, they push you in positive ways and by providing you with work, you are able to grow in the industry and be comfortable and confident when called for assignments.

“I joined Talent Management because I believe I have more than one talent, and by joining an agency that focuses on talent I believed they would be able to help me – and also I would get to do the things that I love and enjoy doing!”

If you think that Talent Management modelling agency could be the right one for you why not apply to become a model or actor with our agency? There is a wealth of information on modelling, acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music on the Talent Management website – which has been specifically designed to help you when choosing an agency.

If you have an assignment coming up and you think Michelle is right for the job simply contact Talent Management’s booking team on 0844 334 0000, quoting her model reference number ‘BP592698’ or fill in a model request form at www.talentmanagement.com/talent-hire.