Models Direct Reviews Former Anorexic Alice Jackson Now A Plus-Size Lingerie Model

Models Direct Review Alice Jackson
Alice Jackson now weighs 11 stone and works as a plus size lingerie model




















The team here at Models Direct were very happy to read that Alice Jackson, a former anorexic, has turned her life around by gaining three stone and is now a successful plus-size lingerie model.

The 26-year old began suffering from an eating disorder when she first started university in 2006. In just three months she plummeted from a healthy 9st 11lbs to 7st 10lbs, which at 5’9” put her four stone below the recommended healthy weight for her height.

Models Direct Review Alice Jackson
Alice at her lowest weight in 2006.

Alice said “I started to put on a lot of weight and wasn’t confident so I went home at Christmas and decided to go on a diet.

“It spiralled into cutting down my food and over exercising and before I knew it I was eating very little.

“I was controlled by not eating so my weight went down pretty rapidly.

“When I got to June (2006) and I was doing Race for Life, my parents were like ‘you’re too thin, you need to see someone’.

“I didn’t feel well, I felt really ill and had no energy because I was eating so little and starving myself and over exercising so running on empty.

“That was a really difficult summer. It’s a horrible thing to be trapped in your thoughts about food and weight.

“I felt really depressed and I didn’t care if I did, I just felt awful, all I could think about was food and calories.

“I went to my doctor at university and she said I was underweight. She referred me to hospital so they could take all my details.

“I went to SWEDA and got counselling which was amazing. They said to me I was only going to start feeling better when I started eating again.

“I started to feel better and eat more normally in my second year of university. By the end I had got to a healthy weight. I was still slim but I wasn’t controlled by calories.”

Jackson added: “My weight has gone up gradually but I’ve been at 11 stones for a good year-and-a-half.

“I feel happy with myself, my body feels like it’s at its natural shape. When I was anorexic I used to lie in bed and could feel all my bones.

“It was just a really horrible time to be so trapped, I thought I would never get better. It’s so nice to be able to eat again and to be able to have things because I was so strict with myself before.

“I am confident in my body and being healthy and I think it’s really important women don’t keep feeling dissatisfied with themselves because people tell them to lose half a pound.

“I’m happy to be curvy and I’m proud to be curvy and I think that’s important” said Jackson, who five years later is now 11 stone and has a 30FF bust.

As a pro-diversity modelling agency we found this story really inspirational – Alice really has has turned her life around and she has even been chosen as a finalist for fuller figure lingerie firm Curvy Kate’s annual ‘Star in a Bra’ competition.