Models Direct Reviews – Tips To Ditch The Moustache


Here at Models Direct we know that a number of women and even models unfortunately suffer from the somewhat embarrassing problem of facial hair. We don’t like to talk about it but it’s something that many of us deal with on a daily basis. It is normal for girls to have moustaches especially those with dark hair and even some blondes – so don’t be embarassed if you do, you are not alone.

Why do some of us get them? It is often just a result of genetics – we all have a fine layer of hair on our face but some women’s hair grows darker and thicker than others. Other causes could be due to hormonal changes, menopause, obesity or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which affects up to 10% of all women of reproductive age. One annoying symptom of PCOS is excessive hair growth.

Fortunately there are a variety of ways you can get rid off your unwanted upper lip hair – however some methods can be quite painful or costly. Check out our Models Direct Reviews of the various options available below.


One of the easiest solutions is to buy a bleaching kit designed specifically for facial hair from a drugstore. If you have fine hair that is just a bit too dark this may be the best option for you as it is quick and painless – however you should not bleach if your skin is irritated.


You can also get waxes from your local drugstore, however these are definitely packed with a lot more ouch and are not for the faint-hearted! If you do want to go down the waxing route you may wish to consider going toa beauty salon where it can probably be done relatively quickly and cheaply. It is painful but if it is done properly the results can last for weeks.


You have probably heard the myth that shaving will cause hair to grow back thicker and darker. This isn’t true – however the razor will cut off the fine tip of the hair which will give the hair the appearance of being thicker and darker due to its flat tip. We would not advise shaving as a good option as you would need to shave at least once a day and the dark hair root would still probably remain visible.

Depilatory Creams

These over-the-counter creams are applied to the hair for a short period of time. They will eat away the hair shaft, sometimes below the surface of the skin. They are usually left on for a few minutes and then wiped off of the skin.  These tend to work well and offer a few days of hair-free skin. However, as with bleaching if you have sensitive skin these creams may not the best option and they must not be used on any skin that is cut or irritated. Depending on your skin type you may feel a burning sensation when using them and they can leave your upper lip red (so don’t use them just before going out!).


If you just have a couple of stray hairs that are hanging around your upper lip and bothering you then this may be your best option. It’s quick, cheap and only needs to be done once or twice a week. It comes with a minute amount of pain, but you will get used to the sensation fairly quickly.


This form of hair removal is said to be permanent, however some hairs can grow back or get missed completely. It can be a painful, expensive and tiresome procedure as each hair has to be done individually. Costs range between £16 and £97 per hour for treatment. It is done by sliding a needle into the skin, along the side of a hair. A short zap of electricity is shot through the hair to kill it and the hair is then pulled out with tweezers. You must go to a professional for this procedure – do not try it at home as you could easily scar your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

This is the newest form of hair removal but also the most expensive. Costs can range from £32 and £130 per treatment. It uses low intensity lasers to remove hair. You can probably get all the hair removed from your upper lip in just one treatment as unlike electrolysis, which only targets one hair at a time, it can remove up to 100 or more hairs in one shot. The laser is drawn to the pigment of the hair and destroys that hair. It can be mostly pain-free but this will highly depend on you and your skin, you may experience redness or slight swelling. Those with darker skin may not be candidates for this because the pigment in their skin may confuse the laser, and the hairs may be missed. White or gray hairs are also very hard for the laser to see because of their lack of pigment. However new developments are coming out all the time so it is best to call your nearest laser hair removal centre to see if you are suitable for this type of treatment.

The team here at Models Direct know that unwated facial hair can be a distressing and embarrasing problem for women. Choose the treatment that is best for you and improve your self-esteem and confidence.