Models Direct Reviews The New ‘Posing App’ For Models & Photographers

Models Direct reviews a variety of products and when we heard about the new ‘Posing App’ by Mendo we knew we had to find out more…

The Mendo Posing App for models & photographers
The Mendo Posing App for models & photographers

Models Direct reviews a variety of products but when we heard about this new ‘Posing App’ designed for models and photographers by Mendo we knew we had to find out more.

The £2 app immediately struck writers at Models Direct as a fantastic idea. Whether you’re a model looking for inspiration and variety in your portfolio, or a photographer who wants to get the most from your subjects, it’s probably a worthwhile download for you.

Posing App provides a visual aide that helps to simplify the process of achieving a great shot without lengthy and confusing explanations or direction. It offers 76 posing options for women alongside a range of other categories: Children (30 poses), men (36 poses), couples (46 poses), family (30 poses), and wedding (26 poses). There is also a glamour option for those who require it for an extra $1.99 (approximately £1.30).

The Posing App has tips on how to deal with feet, hands and eye placement and also gives cropping and lighting options. It even has a ‘favourite pose’ option so that you can keep track of the ones that work best for you.

A recent press release about Posing App stated: “We are usually a bit shy and nervous in the process of taking pictures. We need confidence and guidance – what to do, how to pose. Posing App is perfect companion in such situations.

“As a photographer you never run out of ideas in your photo shoot, and as a model you will feel more confident in what you’re doing. Also, an informed discussion between the model and the photographer about which pose is or isn’t working in any particular situation is always very productive.

“Even the pros (despite knowing number of poses by heart) use this kind of “posing cheat sheet” technique in their everyday work with models, because it just works!”

But this isn’t the only posing application on the market – so what makes Mendo’s Posing App different?

“What you usually see in other posing references are real photos. In Posing App, however, all poses are presented as expressive hand drawn illustrations. This makes a huge difference!” Claims the release.

“Using somebody else’s photo as a sample is just awkward, because you will never reproduce the same pose and you will never look the same as the other person. In contrast, illustrations are only body outlines, so it’s very simple for a model to understand and recreate the pose.

“Illustrations aren’t so restrictive either, the model can be creative and come up with different variants on her own. The initial pose works simply as guidance for something to start with. This is the reason why Posing App is already very well perceived by professional photographers!”

We have to agree that Mendo has come up with something that could be a genuine help when trying to achieve great pictures. If it helps you to produce one you love, why not send it in to us, or post it on our Models Direct Facebook page?

Happy Posing!