Five Reasons To Love The Awards Seasons

The awards season seems to be getting longer and longer. To be completely honest, we just aren’t entirely sure how actors, directors, and everyone else involved in the movie industry actually ever has time to make films between all of the ceremonies they need to attend all the time. Why don’t modelling agencies get to glam up this much?!

Having to jet between countries and finding outfits and hair styles for all those many award shows must be quite a faff. There’s people taking photos constantly, and just a step out of place will be overanalysed by the press all over the world.

As mere mortals, we can take a lot of inspiration from the glamorous people. The awards season gives us more of an insight into how, really, they’re just like everybody else. Last year Jennifer Lawrence tripped over her skirts because she was thinking about cake rather than focusing on walking and this year Ellen DeGeneres provided Hollywood’s elite with takeaway pizza mid-show.

1. At award shows, everybody is equal.

Okay, so you and I might not have been invited to the Oscars or the BAFTAs, but we’ve snuck  glances behind the scenes and it seems that it doesn’t matter if you’re Brad Pitt or the brother of Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years A Slave fame, everyone is on the same level. Some of our favourite celebrities might be just as star struck as we would be. And there doesn’t seem to be many hard feelings if you don’t win – everyone just drinks and has a lovely time.

2. We have enough dress inspiration to last all year

We take inspiration all year from the great gowns we see at the various awards shows all around the world. They’ll be setting fashion trends for months to come. You can crave the dresses you see on the red carpet, and realistically, we’re likely to see similar styles at high street prices in the coming weeks. If you can’t find the cut price designer item you’re really after, you can accessorise things you already own. Alternatively, modelling agencies love a bit of creativity, and there are plenty of basics you can pick up to modify. Take a simple maxi dress and make it into something incredible with a bit of Oscar inspiration and a little bit of needlework.

3. When hair and makeup works (and when it doesn’t)

Hair for formal events is notoriously difficult. You can’t pull everything off, and even if you could you might not be able to actually get the thing looking how you want it to. Quite often those fancy hair styles need the help of a professional, or at the very least a million Kirby grips.

4. Strike a pose

Whether you’re posing at your school prom or for a modelling agency, you’re going to want to get it right. The celebs are pretty great at posing, so we’d highly recommend that you look to them strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

You get all the traditional things, but then occasionally there’s something a bit more quirky. Take inspiration, look at what works and what doesn’t, and perfect your own signature pose for modelling agency photo shoots.

5. We’re all only human

Why don’t modelling agencies get to glam up this much?

The things which happen at awards ceremonies are things we’d do ourselves. We think of the celebrities as untouchable beings who are very different from, but at the awards we end up seeing that really, they’re just like us. From Ellen DeGeneres selfie to Jennifer Lawrence’s fall (and then the other one) and Benedict Cumberbatch’s photobomb, all the things we love about the awards are things which we’d do ourselves.

It can sometimes be easy to forget that all the stars we see in films and on television and in glitzy music videos are really just the same as us. They might have makeup artists and stylists at their beck and call, as well as probably a touch more money than us. They still just love a good party, and in that way there’s no difference between us and the glamorous people.