Model Files’ Preston Finds The ‘Gisele Of Baby Models’

Has baby model scout Preston found the next Gisele?

Baby Model Viv - pictured in a screen shot of the Model Files video
Baby Model Viv - pictured in a screen shot of the Model Files video

Models and agents at Models Direct can’t help but laugh at some of pretentious Preston’s casting insights on the parodic online fashion reality show Model Files. His latest offering pokes fun at the fickle world of high-fashion modelling as he searches for a “baby’s baby” – the perfect child model for a new Opening Ceremony baby collection.

Brought to you by the same people as web series V Files, the comedy in this clip comes from the fact that many of the questions he poses to surprised mums – and comments he makes to camera – would not be out of place from certain casting directors dealing with adult models in the industry. The parody serves to illustrate how ludicrous some high-fashion modelling related requirements are and hopefully goes some way to shaming those who buy into his casting approach. View the video below.

All of the child and baby models featured in this clip are absolutely gorgeous, but the shot that rings truest may be that of the poor female adult models in the intro. They are shown contending with extremely high heels in terrible walking conditions and trying their hardest to remain professional-looking as one almost takes a tumble. It’s conditions like this that led to defiant acts from models at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival earlier in the year, as they removed their shoes on the catwalk and refused to chance a fall – and who could blame them?

After making his way through several potential stars in the Model Files short film – asking inappropriate questions such as “Do you think she could lose maybe a few ounces by Friday?” on his way – Preston finally settles on super-cute Viv, congratulating himself at the resulting shoot with the words “I made that baby”.